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5 Benefits When You DIY Your HDB Transaction


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Selling your HDB flat on your own is daunting — there’s so much to do. From marketing your listing to prospecting, arranging viewings and handling all the paperwork… We can go on and on about the overwhelming DIY process of selling a property.

But if you’re not one to shy away from a challenge, or are looking to save on agent’s commissions, there are certainly upsides to going through the HDB selling process on your own. After all, nothing beats the satisfaction of successfully completing a transaction on your own terms, at your own time, all while keeping the savings for yourself!

Here are five reasons – and benefits – why people may choose to DIY selling their HDB flat over hiring an agent:

1. On your own terms, at your own time

Not quite ready to sell due to unforeseen circumstances? By selling your flat on your own, there’s no one to hurry you into making a decision. On leave and want to arrange an impromptu viewing appointment? Speak directly to the buyer to fix it (no need to go through another person to confirm).

Of course, this comes with a lot of discipline on your part. You have to be serious (and urgent) about selling your HDB flat to set aside time and space to plan your course of action and expedite the process.

Another unexpected benefit to DIY-ing your own selling? You can put your creative skills to good use! For skilled photographers, videographers, writers and salespersons, this is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your marketing skills, which can potentially get you a higher price than what you’re asking.

2. Reduced expenses

It is not just hundreds of dollars we’re talking about here, but tens of thousands on the table. For a $1 million transaction, the average commission to a standard agent in the market is 2%, which amounts to $20,000.

However, we do have to concede that hiring a property agent does take the bulk of the stress and hassle away. Ohmyhome’s Agent Services are at a fixed fee starting from $2,888, which means you pay a fraction of the cost (comparing to average market price) but receive the same – and more – assistance from a professional.

If you’ve found a buyer or are still looking for more savings, consider our documentation services and get an expert to do the all the paperwork for you. This way, you get to save on agent’s fees while still receive professional assistance so you won’t miss out on any crucial steps or make any pricey mistakes.

3. Chat directly to buyers

Looking for a serious, eligible buyer? Thanks to technology, it’s easier and quicker to find them. Hundreds of serious buyers are on the Ohmyhome mobile app, indicating their requirements and budgets through what we call a “ShoutOut”, which you (as a seller) can scroll through.

If a buyer ShoutOuts that he/she is looking for a 3-room HDB flat in the Dover/Buona Vista area under $700,000 and your listing matches his/her requirements, you can suggest your listing and start a conversation from there.

Or you can let our tech do all the work. Our MATCH system works like our ShoutOut feature on the app, only you won’t have to do the scrolling and searching. We’ll literally match you with a buyer who’s looking for what you’re selling, and it’ll be up to you to close that deal or continue looking.

4. Learn about property law and taxes

The Chinese have an old saying, “活到老学到老”. This means one is never too old to learn.

When selling your HDB flat, you cannot avoid financing, legal and tax procedures. As these procedures are mandatory, you will be pushed to learn them by yourself, which can actually be rewarding. You’ll learn how to prepare the offer to purchase, the option to purchase anx the sales & purchase agreement. 

You can also be quite adept at exercising the option to purchase at the lawyer’s office, paying the additional/ buyer stamp duty at the tax office and finishing the transaction on completion day.

5. Spread the knowledge and impact to family and friends.

Sharing is caring. When you have successfully attained the skills and knowledge on the DIY skills, you can then share it with the people around you. It could be as simple as helping a friend with their HDB transaction or your parents who aren’t as up to date with the latest technology. 

As you dive deeper into the DIY process, be assured that you will find like-minded individuals and over time, some of the wonderful people you meet will definitely become friends.

Are you ready to get started? The first step is always the hardest. But once you are in that phase, everything else will just fall into place. You’ll certainly benefit greatly in many ways from your DIY efforts.

If you do come to a point where help is needed, reach out to us via our Live Chat at bottom, right-hand corner of the screen, or WhatsApp us. We’ll be in touch with you in under a minute.

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