5 Benefits of Living Near Top Primary Schools in Singapore

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5 Benefits of Living Near Top Primary Schools in Singapore


In Singapore, the competition for quality education starts at an early age. With an emphasis on academic excellence, parents often go to great lengths to secure a place for their children in the top primary schools in Singapore. One strategy many parents adopt is to live near these sought-after institutions. Below, we explore the premium of locating near a prestigious primary school in Singapore and shed light on the advantages it offers.

Here are the 5 benefits of living near top Primary Schools in Singapore

#1: Access to quality education

One of the most significant advantages of living near a prestigious primary school is the direct access it provides to high-quality education. These schools often boast excellent academic programs, experienced teachers, and comprehensive extracurricular activities. Proximity to such a school ensures that your child can easily attend and benefit from these top-notch educational offerings.

#2: Enhanced enrollment chances

Enrolling your child in a prestigious primary school can be a challenging task, as competition for limited spots is fierce. Living in close proximity to the school increases your child’s chances of securing admission. Many schools prioritise students who reside within a 1km radius, giving families living nearby a slight advantage in securing a coveted spot.

#3: Time and convenience

Living near a prestigious primary school saves valuable time and offers convenience for both students and parents. Commuting to school becomes a breeze, as it takes only a short walk or a quick drive to reach the campus. This allows children to have a relaxed morning routine, reducing stress and ensuring punctuality. Additionally, parents can save time on daily drop-offs and pick-ups, allowing for a more balanced work-life schedule. That is, of course, unless you don’t get in..

#4: Welcome to the club

Choosing a neighbourhood near a prestigious primary school often means becoming part of a vibrant and engaged community. Families living in the vicinity share a common interest in education and may be actively involved in school activities. This sense of community helps build social connections and creates a supportive environment for both children and parents.

Living near a prestigious primary school also exposes both parents and children to a network of influential individuals. The school community often comprises professionals from various fields, including business, politics, and academia. Engaging with this diverse network can present valuable opportunities for career advancement, partnerships, and even lifelong friendships.

#5: Potential increase in property value

Your home’s proximity to a prestigious primary school can only have a positive impact on your property value. It could, in fact, be one of its hottest selling points. Demand for housing in close proximity to these schools tends to be high, leading to increased property prices. This will be advantageous if you decide to sell your property in the future, as it may fetch a premium due to its desirable location.

From access to quality education and enhanced enrollment chances to time-saving convenience and networking opportunities, the allure of locating near these institutions is undeniable.

However, it’s important to consider your overall lifestyle, budget, and long-term plans when making such a decision. Finding the right balance between education, family needs, and personal preferences is crucial for making the best choice for you and your children.

How to find out if you live near a primary school

Check out our interactive map down below to find out if you live near a primary school, or scope out your new place based on your proximity to a primary school. Remember: priority is given to those who live within 1-2km of a school.

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