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4 Tips for a Stylish and Infant-friendly Home


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Who says you can’t have a stylish home once you have kids? Creating spaces that are safe and easily accessible to your children is key, and it’s possible to incorporate this with your own sense of style.

1. Choose sliding over swinging doors

If you can either choose the type of doors to be installed in your home or considering a renovation project, choose sliding doors over swinging ones. In a typical flat in Singapore, space is a premium! Not only are sliding doors space-saving, it’s also child-friendly.

Imagine opening your bedroom door that swings inside with an infant dangling at its doorknob? Such a quick knockout! With sliding doors, there is no knocking out and no accidental banging caused by the strong wind. By the way, who needs a door stopper?

2. Invest in a lightweight yet sturdy table and chair over plastic ones

Infants are crawlers while those who just learned to walk are movers; they will not always want to sit for long periods of time. Hence, a good quality table and chair are a good investment. They’re not only sturdy to support your child’s mobility, but – also lightweight so your child can freely move them into different rooms promoting autonomy as they grow.

A plastic chair may be lightweight, but it cannot support your child’s growing size and increasing motion.

3. Select simple over high-maintenance couch material

Be it a stain-resistant material, a leather that can easily be wiped and cleaned up or a water-repellant and soft microfiber couch, it’s really up to you.

Find the right material that suits your style yet stops you from cringing every time sticky little fingers touch your couch or dust-stained bare feet hop on it.


4. Pick curvilinear (rounded) over rectilinear (sharp-edged) furniture

No matter how vast your space is, your child always finds corners to bump into. Not only will rounded furniture give you peace of mind while having wandering kids at home, these actually influence emotions.

Curvilinear furniture is found to trigger significantly heightened pleasure than straight edges and sharp angles. Not only is it stylish, rounded edges make furniture also look more comfortable and inviting.

Live in a stylish home you’ll love and make your children happy and safe. Your home interior design can be beautiful and functional at the same time.

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Join our Telegram channel and follow our Facebook page for the latest property updates.

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