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5 Space-saving Tips That Spark Joy for Your BTO Flat


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Let’s face it, homeowners. Unlike old-school resale properties, BTOs these days do not come with the luxury of space. On top of that, furnishing a new home is a tall order in and of itself what more with the dizzying array of different furniture brands and interior design makeover stories available online. Luckily, we at Ohmyhome have compiled a handy guide for new homeowners to maximise your compact BTO floor plan.

1. Think vertical

It’s no secret that in land-scarce Singapore, we build our homes vertically to maximise space. So why not take a little inspiration from our sunny isle and opt for storage that can be mounted on the wall. Think built-in wall shelves, tables, wall mirrors, beds that fold back into the wall – the list is endless! This frees up your floor space and also provides more opportunities for Pinterest-worthy wall decor.


2. Find hidden storage

Another must-do for your new abode is some stealthy storage planning. And no, we don’t mean chucking stuff in the storeroom and hoping for the best! A space-savvy trick is to pick out multi-tasking furniture that doubles as storage such as installing shelf compartments under the kitchen island, pull-out drawers under the bed and even opting for beds with stash behind the headboard.


3. Invest in space-saving appliances

Consider investing in a good projector and ceiling fans for extra legroom in your BTO. We tend to underestimate how much space a tv can take up in our home with speakers, tv cabinet and a slew of other accessories. Maybe the friendly salesperson that had you convinced all these were necessary for an enjoyable tv-viewing experience was too good at sales. A home projector that conveniently hooks up to your wifi is preferred. Look forward to recreating some movie magic by kicking back to a relaxing Netflix viewing that projects onto your living room wall.


4. Ask your interior designer about an open-concept kitchen

If you’re one of the lucky ones to have gotten the keys to your BTO after February 2018, chances are your kitchen interior design does not come with walls right from the get-go. This is great news if you are looking to maximise your home design. Open-concept kitchens tops every millennial homeowner’s renovation list for many reasons; they are aesthetically pleasing, open up a home and free up space for a trendy kitchen island straight out of HGTV.


5. Apply Marie Kondo’s KonMari method

A minimalist home design may be the right direction to take with a compact BTO. With its emphasis on quality over quantity, a minimalist’s lifestyle mantra is instrumental for a less cluttered and overall more spacious feel to any home. Or better yet, take the advice of Marie Kondo, the decluttering guru who encourages homeowners to keep items that “spark joy” and throw out the rest that doesn’t. This way, you’re left with only the essential belongings that make you and your whole family happy.


Through these tips (and with the help of Marie Kondo’s world-famous KonMari method) we think you are ready to make the most of the space in your new BTO flat! Your new BTO home is sure to feel airy, spacious and most importantly – filled with joy. Afterall, that’s what homes are for; a place guaranteed to speak to your heart and where joy sparkles everywhere.

And don’t worry, you can always apply these tips to resale flats too. If you’re looking to sell or buy a resale flat, check out our non-duplicated listings and DIY your housing transactions completely free of charge. Rest assured, there is no hidden or success fee.

Find a home that sparks joy now!

Sources: Gov.sg, Channel News Asia

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Join our Telegram channel and follow our Facebook page for the latest property updates.

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