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4 Key Ways to Stage a Flawless Open House


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Written by: Benj Toledo

An open house is the most opportune moment to show off your home and entice potential buyers to make an offer. It also communicates to homebuyers that you’re seriously committed about selling your property. Best part? You don’t need to have deep pockets to unleash your home’s true potential. Keep reading to find out the home decor hacks that will transform your home without the hefty price tag.

1. Declutter your home

The pile of laundry that’s been accumulating in the corner? It’s high time to get rid of it and other types of clutter that may be scattered on the floor, bedside tables, playpens and in other highly-used areas of the home. If you’re a pet owner, it’s also important to get rid of their traces (such as pet hair, food bowls, litter boxes) for the duration of the open house as it may be a turn-off for buyers. Any mirrors in the home should also be wiped down and be free of any marks. Not only will it automatically make your home look more appealing, but it will also make it a lot more welcoming for the buyers when they view your home.

2. Let the light in

Oftentimes, what makes or breaks the aesthetic quality of the property is with dim or unflattering lighting. Be sure to draw back the curtains and open up the windows to let the natural light in (should your open house take place in the day). At the same time, this also informs buyers about which direction your unit is facing and boosts air ventilation. If your open house takes place in the evening, be sure to keep the house nice and bright for viewers to get a good look at your house. Proper illumination is key.

4 key ways to stage a flawless open house let light in

3. Prepare the air purifier

Remember that blissful feeling you’ll get once you enter through the gilded doors of ION and take a whiff of their signature, alluring scent? Recreate that luxe retail magic (and leave a lasting impression) with an air purifier and a few drops of essential oil! We recommend lemongrass or lavender as they have stress-relieving properties. Best part? They’re available pretty much everywhere and won’t break the bank. Make your home smell like a winner!

4. Keep your home organised

With our heavily technology-reliant lifestyle, it’s easy to forget about the exposed wires from our phones, tv and laptop chargers. While they’re handy to be within reach, they also tend to be visible. Seems trivial but it can be an eyesore for potential buyers. Start off by keeping them out of sight! Also, don’t forget to re-organise the living room and kitchen too. The little things make a big difference such as straightening crookedly-placed furniture, keeping dishes neatly stacked in the kitchen and clearing the study table so that it’ll all look spick and span.

4 key ways to stage a flawless open house keep home organised

Now was that so hard? As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. With some light touches here and there, you won’t need to buy overpriced decorations to project the best image of your home to visiting potential home buyers.

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