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Most people planning to permanently stay in the Philippines will choose Metro Manila as their choice of location. Of course, property developers and investors know too well that the law of supply and demand will cause home prices to rise. True enough, Manila continues to climb up the ranks of the world’s most popular property locations. Meanwhile, home prices are rising as well. 

As a result, low-key investors and new homebuyers are now looking elsewhere in the country for value properties. Thankfully, the Philippines is more than just Metro Manila. Many emerging provinces are content to let the spotlight focus on Manila even as they enjoy growth themselves. Take Cavite for example. The progressive giant south of the national capital region is home to a thriving manufacturing industry as well as an emerging market for human capital. Blessed with a tropical climate, Cavite is an ideal location for both work and play. 

Federal Land NRE Global Inc: The New Property Powerhouse

With the Philippines gaining traction as a top property destination, the country’s major developers are seeking ways to provide better value for homeowners and investors alike. Federal Land, a leading developer with over half a century’s experience joined forces with Japan’s Nomura Real Estate Development Co. Together, they formed a new property powerhouse, Federal Land NRE Global Inc., or FNG. Federal Land will provide the local expertise and insights while Nomura will share their experience in property design and sensibility.

Yume at Riverpark: Next-level Suburban Tranquility

One of the FNG’s first forays into the local property market is Riverpark. It’s a 600-hectare enclave aiming to become Cavite’s premiere township. Located in General Trias, Riverpark offers a healthy mix of residences, office spaces, commercial ventures, leisure and entertainment areas, and education and health institutions. General Trias, which is home to the most industrial parks in the province, is seen as the ideal location.

Thanks to General Trias’ reputation as a solid industrial base, many would like to establish their roots in this emerging city. Business owners, C-suite executives, middle managers, and highly skilled professionals making a living in the area would all want a place they can come home to. Preferably, they’d love being home without having to endure monster traffic jams or long commutes. In addition, they’d also appreciate having all the finer things in life available within reach. Finally, having a residence with exclusive amenities would help make weekends and holidays more enjoyable. Riverpark at General Trias checks all these boxes. 

Yume at Riverpark: Next Generation Living Is Now Available

As the Japanese word for “Dream” or “Vision,” Yume is the perfect name for a dreamlike residential community at the heart of General Trias. Covering 18 hectares, Yume is a Japanese-inspired horizontal community that offers next-generation living amid a tranquil country environment. Blending Filipino and Japanese aesthetics, Yume offers a perfect place to start, raise, and nurture a family. Yume offers would-be residents a choice of 296 lots ranging in sizes from 300 sqm to 527 sqm. Village lots start at P15,59 million, while Prime lots start at P18.05 million. For those who prefer the choicest locations, Premium Parkview lots start at 19.27 million. Development of the community’s structures and amenities will be finished by May 2026, so now would be a good time to start making plans for your new home.

Yume-at-Riverpark-next-generation-living clubhouse

Wide roads and bike paths ensure that Yume’s streets are safe for both vehicle owners and exercise enthusiasts. A central clubhouse will also host plenty of the community’s exclusive amenities. This includes a lounge, function room, multipurpose hall, and a wellness spa. Outside the clubhouse, you’ll find a gorgeous swimming pool, a multipurpose court, and an open lawn. Pocket parks combined with outdoor fitness areas will be conveniently available to help residents shed those extra pounds. A Kids Central will be made available for the young ones to expend their boundless energies. Finally, a Japanese garden will offer serenity and a place for quiet meditation for residents in need of a safe place.

Yume-at-Riverpark-next-generation-living Pocket Parks

Aside from benefiting from eye-pleasing Japanese architectural designs, Yume will also offer modern features befitting its modern residents. Integrated RFID technology will give residents exclusive access to driveways and amenities. Hybrid utilities will help reduce dependence on conventional electricity and harness alternative means such as solar power.

Do You Want a Piece of Yume at Riverpark? Ohmyhome Opens the Doors to Your New Home

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