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With Metro Manila getting more crowded by the day, many Filipinos are looking outside the metropolis for answers. In fact, there are already numerous movements to decongest the capital by transferring major government agencies up north. At the same time, the province of Balcan is leading the way in transportation modernization. As a result, many Filipinos who dream of owning their first homes are looking at housing opportunities north of Metro Manila. In particular, many are seeing great deals on townhouses for sale in Bulacan among others.  

Bulacan is Where It’s At

Among the provinces surrounding Metro Manila, Bulacan is among those that pack plenty of potential. Due to its proximity to the national capital, Bulacan hosts industrial parks and manufacturing centers for many multinational companies. At the same time, the province still enjoys gains from its thriving agriculture and aquaculture industries. 

As the fourth-most populous province in the Philippines, Bulacan is also home to a mobile, industrialized workforce. This makes the province an ideal source of workers for major business districts in the metropolis. Thanks to an established transportation network, Bulacan enjoys easy access to the capital’s major arteries such as EDSA, NLEX, Metro Manila Skyway, MacArthur Highway, and C5.

Ongoing and Future Developments Will Push Bulacan to the Next Level

New Manila International Airport

As efforts to decongest Metro Manila continue, Bulacan is well-positioned to benefit from expansion programs. One home run hit is the massive New Manila International Airport in Bulakan, Bulacan. With NAIA struggling to handle increased passenger loads, many are welcoming the completion of the Bulacan airport by 2026. 

PNR Malolos Clark Train Station

In addition to a gleaming new airport, Bulacan will also become a major stop in the country’s railroad modernization efforts. The Philippine National Railway has revived the Tutuban – Malolos, which will connect the city of Manila with Bulacan’s capital via a 38-kilometer modern railway. Bulacan will also be one of the major stations in the North-South Commuter Railway (NSCR)  project, which aims to connect the South Luzon province of Laguna to New Clark City in Pampanga.  Finally, Metro Manila’s MRT system is expanding beyond its boundaries. MRT-7 in particular, is currently under construction. Once completed, residents of San Jose Del Monte and nearby areas can now take the monorail to Quezon City.   

So yes, developments are underway for progress to go beyond the boundaries of Metro Manila. As one of the major beneficiaries of this expansion, Bulacan stands to gain much in terms of development and modernization. For smart investors and savvy homeowners, now would be a good time to think of investing in properties in the province. Specifically, now would be a great time to look into townhouses for sale in Bulacan.    

If You’re Betting on Bulacan, Primeworld Enclave Is a Great Property Investment 

townhouses for sale

Among the many real estate developments currently in development in the province, Primeworld Enclave in San Rafael, Bulacan stands out. San Rafael is among the many Bulacan municipalities that stand to benefit from Metro Manila’s continued expansion. San Rafael is also a choice location with the future in mind. It’s less than an hour from the New Manila Airport and the metropolis as well. 

As the gateway to Central and Northern Luzon, Bulacan is too valuable a location to overlook. Similar to Laguna and Cavite in the south, Bulacan is poised to become modernized as the capital region continues to expand. This is why investing in property such as Primeworld Enclave townhouses offers great value at present.  

Why We Like It

With massive developments around Bulacan still underway, homebuyers and investors can still take advantage of Primeworld Enclave’s low prices. Individual townhouse units with floor areas of 46 sqm can go as low as P1.8 million! Of course, don’t expect these prices to remain low for long. In addition, developer Primeworld Land Holdings Inc. targets the completion of Primeworld Enclave by 2024.   

Designed for starter families, each townhouse unit holds two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a carport. There are also spaces for dining, a kitchen, a living room, and a utility area. Set within a gated community and monitored via 24/7 security, residents can spend their days secure and safe within. To help while away the hours, residents can indulge in a playground, park, basketball court, jogging path, and garden area. Meanwhile, those with pressing business outside the community have access to nearby commercial areas and a shuttle terminal that connects Primeworld Enclave to nearby urban centers.       

Things to Consider

Bulacan is the next big thing, and there’s no better time to start investing than today. At this point, Bulacan’s major cities are already sporting elevated real estate prices. San Rafael and other nearby municipalities are next in line for development, as the entire province is part of the plans for Mega Manila. Don’t fret if you missed out on the initial investment opportunities. 

Developments such as Primeworld Enclave are currently in the preselling stages. Homebuyers with small families can avail of low prices for their plans for starter homes. The same goes for investors looking for homes they can flip more easily due to location and low prices. 

Check out our exclusive home tour of Primeworld Enclave townhouse.

Looking for Your Next Great Property Investment? Ohmyhome Has Lots of Townhouses for Sale

Of course, there are more townhouses for sale in Bulacan aside from Primeworld Enclave. In fact, there’s a whole spectrum of properties available in Bulacan province. Hook up with us here at Ohmyhome to enjoy access to tens of thousands of properties in the Philippines. We’ll not only help you find your dream home, but we’ll also assist you in getting real estate advice as well as the best financing options available. With over 13,000 satisfied customers, Ohmyhome can help you buy a new home, sell your existing one, or rent/lease your idle property.    For more information and to receive daily news and updates on the hottest properties, download our iOS or Android app. Or follow our social accounts at Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Your dream home is just a click away!

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