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If investment advice were to be limited to just one, the blanket statement would likely read “start investing as early as you can.” Indeed, getting the earliest possible start is beneficial, both because doing so allows one more time to grow their wealth, and also gives a little more leeway for making a few mistakes.

Now, while investment talk often leads to discussions about stocks, low-yield bonds, and even business ventures, real estate hardly first comes to mind. Admittedly, buying property is a significant expense and it is understandable why some delay buying a home until a little later in their life, but it is also a tried and tested investment that earns significantly.

Quoting the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, “Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”

Again, investing in real estate isn’t the easiest thing to do, but buying a home sooner rather than later is highly beneficial, particularly with the advantages you get from having your property for longer. 

Have trouble deciding on what property to start with? Condos for sale can prove to be one of your best bets.

Be a homeowner AND an investor

Some see being a homeowner and an investor as two separate things and delay becoming the former because they want the financial flexibility needed to be the latter. However, buying a home is an opportunity to meet both goals, as you’ll have a place to call your own and an investment that appreciates over time. 

Now, while the home you buy when you’re young may not be the home you raise your future family in, this is no reason to not invest in property early. As mentioned, property appreciates, so even if you have to move from a condo to a house and lot–or vice-versa–the property you are leaving and have to sell will have appreciated from the time you purchased it. Time to appreciate which you have more of when you invest early.

Condos are a good choice because most mid and high-rise developments are situated in or near central business districts, making them fit for young professionals making a living in the city. They are often easy to get to and from work, are easy to maintain, and have amenities such as gyms and/or swimming pools to help maintain an active lifestyle. Then, should you need to relocate, there is a large market of city-dwellers whom you can then sell or rent your condo to and will be particularly happy to do so when it is a unit in a top development.

Earlier is easier

Another reason why many recommend investing–and investing in property at that–as early as possible is the financial flexibility one is afforded as a young professional. Granted, while being in the early stages of your career likely means not having the highest of salaries (not yet, anyway), there is still the flexibility that comes with having fewer financial responsibilities to deal with which makes it a little easier to make home loan payments.

“Earlier is easier” also applies to the properties themselves. When you want to make your home purchase as affordable as possible, one effective way to do so is to buy at ‘pre-selling”, or when the home/development has yet to be completed. Prices during the very early stages of a  residential project are significantly lower than when it is ready for occupancy, and if you have the time to spare and don’t need to make use of the home immediately, this is a good way to get great value from a reduced investment amount.

While you may feel some apprehension about taking out a loan for a home that has yet to be built, an effective way to ensure you get the best property out of a pre-selling deal is to buy from reputable developers with known track records of delivering properties on time and of the highest quality.

Have a place to stay or a place that pays

The primary advantage of investing in a condo or any other residential property is having a place to live in that you can call your own. Sure, there are monthly mortgage payments and even association fees that have to be paid in line with your property, but the key is that it is YOUR property and you are not paying rent or other fees that otherwise go to a place that you do not own.

With that being said, owning a home not only allows you to avoid paying rent but allows you to be on the receiving end as a landlord. Buying a home doesn’t always mean having to live in it, and apart from its value appreciating over time, another way to earn from your property is to lease it. And, when it comes to homes for rent, among the easiest to lease out are condos in great developments within a major region like Metro Manila or Cebu.

Along with a commonly central location that makes it easy to travel to and from, a condo’s value can also be measured with the features and amenities that come along with it. A condo development with extensive security, for instance, will prove valuable to residents who want to better ensure their family’s well-being; while its having amenities like a swimming pool and fitness gym will be what makes it the perfect place to reside for people with active lifestyles.

Your condo investment, here

A 4-tower residential condominium development that is parallel to the C-5 highway in the Bagong Ilog district of Pasig City, SYNC Residences checks all the boxes when it comes to properties worth investing in as early as possible. The 4-tower residential condominium development gives residents unparalleled access to top central business locations like Bonifacio Global City (2 km), Makati City (4 km), and Ortigas (7 km). 

Proximity to these areas helps make everything one needs to live comfortably and conveniently relatively easy to access. From retail and lifestyle centers like Estancia Mall and Robinson’s Galleria to healthcare facilities like the Rizal Medical Center and Javillonar Clinic & Hospital, many important places are just a walk or short ride away.

Now while SYNC’s central location helps make the best of Metro Manila more or less easy to get to, its amenities make it even easier to just stay. Along with lap and kiddie pools, and a fitness gym will be a jogging trail and outdoor activity areas that will make for enjoyable outdoor living; while a private theatre, game room, and lounge area will also be available for residents who prefer their leisurely activity indoors. In addition are a supermarket and other specialty stores on the ground floor made for the complete convenience of residents and making “staying-in” both easy and exciting at the same time.

Recognized across the local real estate as one of the best value-for-money projects currently on the market, SYNC features reasonably-priced studio and one-bedroom condo units for sale that can be acquired via an affordable payment scheme. Each is masterfully designed and can accommodate work-from-home living arrangements, giving further value through its versatility and covering another aspect of daily living at home.

SYNC is a project by RLC (Robinsons Land Corporation) Residences, a trusted real estate leader known for its consistency of quality and service, as well as its unwavering commitment to community, national, and global development.

Ready to get started on your condo investment? Schedule an appointment with an Ohmyhome agent for complete assistance with your SYNC purchase.

For more properties, visit the Ohmyhome website to view other residential projects by RLC Residences

Ohmyhome was launched in the Philippines in September 2020, following the company’s establishment of a tech team in the country in 2017. Ohmyhome was originally founded in 2016, and subsequently rose in Singapore as a leading PropTech solution and licensed real estate agency.

Ohmyhome expanded into the Philippines so that Filipino home seekers can have a real estate partner that they can trust to have their best interests at heart and can be relied upon to provide exceptional services throughout the entire property journey.

Featuring thousands of properties across many of the Philippines’ major real estate brands, Ohmyhome differs from other local platforms by going the extra mile and extensively helping buyers narrow down their choices and find the property that best suits their budgets, home needs, and lifestyle preferences.

The company’s Real Estate agents help in the shortlisting of options and provide professional services through the entire purchasing process. These include assistance in property inspections, negotiations, the finalization of the Conditions of Sale, deposit collection, the submission of property documents, as well as providing buyers regular updates. 

Ohmyhome helps Filipinos find their dream homes, all while making sure each real estate transaction is complete and is an efficient and enjoyable experience.

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