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Le Pont Residences from Robinsons Land is your ticket to the good life. Set in the emerging Bridgetowne township situated between Quezon City and Pasig, Le Pont combines spacious modern living with hotel-quality amenities. Choose between one, two, and three-bedroom units ranging in sizes from 46 sqm for single bedrooms to 196 sqm for three bedrooms. Prices start at P14 million for single-bedroom units, P31 million for two bedrooms, and P47 million for three bedrooms. For those who need bigger spaces, penthouse units measuring 251 sqm and above are available beginning at P81 million. 

When buying your next residence, what do you look for? Is location the primary consideration, as many agree should be? Or, do you look at the residence itself and check if it fits what you need? For others, the developer’s reputation also plays a big factor. As a matter of fact, you can’t go wrong with all three considerations. But when it comes to location, would you rather be a pioneer, or are you content to follow a trend? 

Bridgetowne: A New Community Rising in the East

Meanwhile, Bridgetowne is an emerging township situated in the middle of Quezon City and Pasig. Featuring a landmark bridge connecting the two cities, Bridgetowne is definitely the newest “It” place in many ways. Not only is it currently the home of many Information Technology (IT) companies, but it’s also gearing itself as the newest modern community in the metropolis. For the new generation of urban professionals, Bridgetowne’s location and planned features make for a very interesting place to establish roots. 

But what makes Bridgetowne attractive? Metro Manila is currently the home of 14.5 million Filipinos, many of whom have established their families and built their careers in the capital region. With the major business districts already saturated with offices and residences, there’s always room for new communities to grow. As such, developer Robinsons Land envisioned a new township that could someday give the established business districts a run for their money. In fact, Robinsons Land Corporation president Frederick Go declared that Bridgetowne will give rise to a mixed-use development with residential, commercial, office, recreational spaces, and retail stores. With its strategic location accessible to present and future transportation, Bridgetowne can play an important role in the continued modernization of the country’s capital. 

Exclusive Residences, Exclusive Amenities

Despite its towering heights, Le Pont believes that less is more. That’s why Robinsons decided to limit the number of units between four to twelve units per floor. Fewer units mean bigger spaces for each resident. Homebuyers can choose between one, two, and three-bedroom units. Areas for these dwellings range from 46 sqm for single bedrooms to 196 sqm for three bedrooms. If your needs require bigger space, penthouse units are available with areas running between 251 sqm to 380 sqm. Prices range from P14.3 million for a one-bedroom unit to P31.8 million for two bedrooms to P47.2 million for a three-bedroom masterpiece. Meanwhile, penthouse units start at P80.9 million.   

Like its community, the residential condominium offers well-designed modern living spaces partnered with elegant and rewarding amenities. In fact, Le Pont boasts not just one or two levels of amenities but three. The main amenities level at the podium houses elegant versions of swimming pools, jogging paths and pet parks, fitness gyms, indoor cycling areas, meeting rooms, game rooms, and a private theater.  The mid-level amenities section provides an outdoor lounge and landscaped gardens for those who prefer quiet ways to spend time. Finally, the 51st floor offers residents access to exclusive function rooms, grilling stations, and the Sky Lounge. 

Le Pont Residences: Premium Modern Lifestyle

Le Pont Residences is one of the featured residences in Bridgetowne. Securing a Le Pont address can mean ensuring your place in the future. Apart from being located at the heart of a burgeoning new community, Le Pont Residences also boast direct access to neighboring business districts of Ortigas, BGC, and Eastwood. This also means proximity to the famous retail centers that make Pasig and Quezon shopping meccas. 

In addition, some of the country’s most prominent schools and universities, including the University of the Philippines – Diliman and Ateneo De Manila University, are just a few minutes away via car. Speaking of which, Le Pont is also looking toward the future when it comes to transportation. In anticipation of greener commutes, Le Pont will also feature parking levels that provide charging services to electric vehicles.

Pondering on a Le Pont Residences Purchase? Let Ohmyhome Point the Way!

Learn more about the ins and outs of LePont Residences and why you should be part of the pioneer residents. Learn more about Le Pont by visiting its property page at Ohmyhome Philippines. As the largest pre-selling property portal in the Philippines, we can help get the best deals and great financing options. Of course, Ohmyhome’s extensive property listing contains tens of thousands of entries from the country’s top developers. We’ll help you get the dream home you want and deserve.  

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