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What you do during your young adult phase can determine how good your life can be during your senior years. Most young people will understandably spend their youth enjoying the finer things in life. For those few who decided to do more, there are several ways to secure a brighter future for themselves. Dabbling in real estate investment at an early age is one long-term strategy that can end up as a game changer.

It used to be that retirement is a sure thing if you put in the work. People would hold steady jobs for a few decades, retire, and live off a guaranteed pension. However, job security isn’t what it was in the early 21st century. Plus, retirement funds invested in 401K programs can disappear quickly during a bad economy. Despite the setbacks, people should still be planning for retirement. At some point, working becomes inefficient and counterproductive. Instead of relying on retirement programs, however, young adults should take the initiative when looking after themselves.

Why Real Estate Investment?

Real estate is an investment that’s both tangible and secure. It’s tangible in the sense that what you have is physically real. Even during the very unlikely event that your property loses monetary value, you can still build a house and live on it. But why secure? Property is a finite resource. As the population increases, the demand for living spaces increases. However, inhabitable land won’t magically grow larger just because more people need a place to live. As long as your property lies in an accessible location and is not in danger from erosion or natural disasters, its value should continually increase.

Why Take Up Real Estate Investment at an Early Age?

The continually increasing value makes real estate investment strategic for young people. If you start buying property during your early 20s or 30s, you can get affordable deals on emerging locations at pre-development prices. Makati used to be swamp land before an enterprising family decided to make the area a business district. Ortigas was similarly a barren area before a few pioneering companies set up headquarters. Researchgate reported that Ayala Avenue, Makati properties were selling for P150,000 per square meter in 1994. Today, prices have shot to an average of P365,000/sqm for the same location. That’s more than double your original investment if you invested back in 1994.

On a similar scale, young people investing in emerging areas such as Bridgetowne, Pasig or Northwin Global City might see their holdings double or triple in value over time. At the least, they’ll be proud, pioneering owners of quality real estate where their children can thrive. If you can afford to make a real estate investment in already-established areas like Makati, BGC, and Ortigas, you can still expect a rise in value over time. However, they won’t be as dramatic as the investments made in emerging areas.

Other Reasons to Take Up Real Estate Investment Early

Another advantage for taking up real estate investment earlier is that you get to enjoy your property during your productive years. Ten or twenty years’ mortgage is a long time, but if you start during your 20s, you get to finish paying off your loan while in your 40s. Owning property in your prime years provides you with great liquidity and allows you to focus on your family and growing your wealth. Instead of using your retirement fund to buy property, you can move on to other enjoyable things like traveling or picking up a hobby without worrying where to live.

Paying for mortgages is also easier when you don’t have to deal with other bills. Making a real estate investment while you’re single or child-free is definitely easier on the pocketbook. Plus, once you decide to get married or have children, it’s reassuring to know they already have a place to live. Assuming a regular career or business upward trajectory, your house payments will seem smaller as your earnings increase.

A healthy real estate investment at an early age can also lead to a successful career as a landlord. If you’re going to rent out your units, you might as well be an active, concerned owner who cares for the property and the well-being of their residents. Doing so puts you closer to your customers and gets you more involved with your properties.

Are there Any Drawbacks on Starting Early?

Like any venture, cons always come with the pros. If you’re not careful, you can fall prey to speculators who hype a certain location that eventually can’t fulfill its potential. In rare instances, unpredictable natural disasters can damage certain properties and scare off potential buyers, investors, or tenants.

The economy can also play a part in your return on investment (RO) plans. While inflation can lead to higher prices, it also means fewer buyers interested in paying higher interest. While certain locations have high potential, a quick turn of events can cause prices to crash. Changes in investment or home investment laws can scare away future buyers. Even old infrastructure or lack of new developments can turn a thriving business district into a ghost town.

These instances can leave you financially hurting especially if you’ve already paid off your mortgage. Even at a young age, adopt the mindset of due diligence. By performing the necessary research before entering into deals, you can avoid running into these problems.

Modern Buyers Need Modern Tools

The great thing about real estate investing today is that many of the traditional but inefficient practices have been replaced by modern methods. Viewing individual developer websites to look at properties can prove to be a frustrating experience. Each developer would have their own website layout, use different standards, and require you to talk to their agent. This means that when considering 4 or 5 properties, you’ll need to talk to the same number of sales representatives. WIth their unique presentation methods, comparing properties might end up being more complex than necessary.

Millennial-age buyers who want modern homes deserve modern ways of property hunting. Ohmyhome Philippines is a property tech portal that showcases the best available residences in the country today. We’ve partnered with over 200 local developers to provide listings of over a thousand properties. Even better, Ohmyhome has a powerful search tool that allows you to filter choices based on your preferred house type, location, turnover date, and price range. You can also find plenty of informative articles with great tips and advice on buying and investing in  homes.

Get Started on Your Real Estate Investment Dream Today With Ohmyhome

Instead of dealing with multiple agents, all you need to do is sign up for a free account today. You’lll have all the information you need to compare properties available on the website and the app. And if you need advice or are ready to make a deal, our licensed real estate professionals will be ready to walk you through the process. We can even help you get great deals with our partner developers and secure the best financing options from our partner banks.

Start your dream of making a real estate investment today with Ohmyhome!

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