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Are you looking for a new place to live, or maybe invest in? If so, what do you look for when checking out homes or condos? If by any chance you want the experience of what’s it like living in the heart of the metropolis, then go check out a property for sale in Makati.  

Makati is where the cream rises to the top. At present, Makati’s business district houses the following: 

  • 40% of the Philippines’ Top 1000 corporations hold office
  • Over 400 bank branches are open Monday to Friday
  • More than 1000 Business Process Outsourcing offices operate here. 

For those reasons and more, Makati will always be the nation’s premier business district. For investors, this means that the value of property here will likely keep going up. For example, pre-pandemic levels saw the value of Makati properties go up by 132% in less than a decade. Now that the post-pandemic recovery is kicking in, we only foresee this to be replicated, much to the benefit of investors who will place their bets on Makati now.

Wall Street of the Philippines

Despite the presence of newcomers, the city of Makati remains the undisputed title holder as the Philippines’ premier business district. It’s the country’s Wall Street equivalent, and even as Bonifacio Global City is making a serious run at the title, it’s just not there yet. It would take a large-scale migration of the country’s biggest business to make Makati relinquish its crown.   

Of course, Makati itself took the business district title from its older sibling Manila. In the 1960s, the capital city couldn’t do anything as Makati welcomed the exodus of company offices from Manila to its new location. Congestion, rising taxes, and lack of expansion opportunities plagued Manila back then. And Makati was only too happy to save the day for companies.     

Fast forward 60 years later, the city remains the country’s biggest and most vibrant host to the business community. By day, it plays host to major businesses and oversees deals pushing through. Once the sun goes down, however, Makati transforms into the ultimate party place.

But What About As a Place to Live? 

So, Makati is a great place to do business and let your hair down later. But, is it equally exciting to invest in property and live there? The answer is a resounding yes. Everything you’d ever want and need, you’d find in Makati.

Stable communications and internet? Check. Continuous utilities such as water and electricity. Check. Living in the Philippines means getting used to typhoons, storms, and other natural calamities. Thankfully, living in the business district of Makati and outlying areas mean you get spared from the adverse effects of flooding

Years of urban development also led to elevated walkways and underpasses in the business district. This means that a typical Makati resident or worker can safely traverse one end of the business district to another without getting wet. As early as 2016, the Dela Rosa walkway became the country’s longest elevated pedestrian walkway at 11 kilometers. Meanwhile, the newer underpass from Ayala Triangle to Salcedo Village might just be the best-looking one. Not only do the walkways mean safe and dry passage from one area to another. This also means that workers and residents now have a healthy alternative to commuting when traveling within the district. 

Owning a Residence in Makati

As for the actual residences, Makati remains the gold standard for luxury living. The business district hosts a number of posh residences that offer proximity to work as well as a luxurious city lifestyle. No wonder the average price per square meter for a CBD residence is P221,554.29. Those who can afford it definitely deserve the benefits that come with living in Makati. Everything is a short walk away, including the prestigious Ayala malls that dot the area. These establishments offer a diverse array of premier lifestyle, dining, and entertainment choices. Even if you eat at a new place every time, it’ll take some time before you run out of options. As for entertainment, you can’t go wrong with painting the town red in Makati. Whether in the business district or at nearby Poblacion, the parties don’t stop until dawn.  

Professionals and junior executives will also find units that fit their budgets. Renting a one-bedroom apartment can cost between 30,000.00-45,000.00 in the city center and P20,025.00 in the outlying villages. With the rate of development going on, there are plenty of properties for sale in Makati, with many more open for rent. 

Looking For a Property for Sale in Makati? Let Ohmyhome Do The Searching For You!

You heard it here. Makati is still the most eminent business district, and it has no plans on abdicating soon. Until then, business deals run through Makati. So should you. Learn more about a property for sale in Makati City and elsewhere in the Philippines today! Visit us at Ohmyhome Philippines for the latest news, trends, available properties, and prices in the country today.

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