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Looking for the perfect property is a very time-consuming task. Honestly, who has time to look over each developer’s online site to get information? Even if you manage to do so, some websites don’t have the data needed for an informed and educated decision. In some cases, sellers would demand you share your information first before getting access to detailed specifications. This leads the prospect into contacting the developer’s best real estate agents. After all, who could give the best information about the property than the agents who depend on buyers for their livelihood? 

However, even the best real estate agents look after their company’s interests when helping out homebuyers. When asked about the best homes, agents will wholeheartedly push their own developments. If buyers have an issue with the recommended property, they’ll recommend something from their own lineup. For the sales agent, this is the only way to move up the ladder and earn big money. After all, you can only earn commissions from projects you officially represent. 

Deal Only with the Best Real Estate Agents

For the buyer, however, the entire process can be terribly frustrating. You can’t really blame an agent for pushing only the projects that can earn them commissions. If everything else fails,  you can go back to that scenario you earlier tried to avoid. Start contacting other agents who represent other properties and get their input. While this may take more time, it can give you the complete data you need to make a qualified decision. 

In order to minimize your frustrations, always make sure you deal with a developer’s best real estate agents. How do you know which ones are working hard and which ones are hardly working? More importantly, which real estate agents are worthy of your time and money? 

Qualities of the Best Real Estate Agents

Of course, not all real estate agents are equal. Some are naturally more motivated, more helpful, and more effective than others. But what makes them more suited for the job as your real estate agent? Here are some of the better qualities you should look for when considering the best real estate agents. Congratulations to you if your chosen real estate agent fits all of the positive traits listed below.   

Fully-Licensed to Sell

Before everything else, make sure your real estate agent comes fully documented. Earning a Philippine real estate license used to require a Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate Management (BS REM). This requirement soon gave way to just requiring sellers to have at least 72 units in college and a minimum of 12 units in real estate brokerage. Passing the licensure exam is the only way to get accreditation from the relevant government agencies. Making sure your agent of choice has completed this requirement can help avoid problems as the buying process progresses. First-time buyers, in particular, should deal only with licensed professionals.  

Knowledgeable Networker

The best real estate agents also know everybody in the business. During sales presentations, many buyers will ask about competitors to check if the project holds an edge. Only those sales agents who bothered to research their rivals’ projects can provide an accurate answer. This is especially true in matters of price, amenities, building materials quality, and completion date. 

At the same time, the best real estate agents are also great networkers. They know who’s who in the world of Filipino real estate. More importantly, they know the best and most trustworthy people in the business. Admittedly, not everything ends up as a sale when it comes to property buying. Mature sales agents know that it’s their duty to refer prospects to the most qualified people that can handle specific requirements. For them, helping other agents can lead to similar referrals and better business long term.  

Not a Yes Person, But More of a Solution-Oriented Individual

Many overeager sales agents promise clients the moon and back just to get them to sign the reservation form. They often bypass their given sales scripts as well as their sales managers when promising discounts, or an earlier turnover date. Or they commit to a previously-reserved unit in the hopes someone will cancel. These problems are annoying to customers at the least, and problematic for the developers at most. 

The best real estate agents are not yes people but more solution-oriented individuals. When a client’s objection snags the negotiation process, they don’t panic and fold immediately. Instead, they assess the situation calmly, confer with their superiors on available options, and communicate clearly with their clients. They know that each sale is a solution to their buyer’s problem. Adding more problems by being obtuse won’t really close the deal.

Self-motivation is the Best Motivation

The best real estate agents often come from the ranks of independent, self-sufficient workers. Money plays a major role for the successful property seller, but it’s not the end goal. For them, the money follows after a job well done in which buyers get the home of their dreams. 

This dream includes receiving a wonderful buyer experience and avoiding additional nightmares like difficult payment options and confusing documentation. As a result, the self-motivated seller will not move forward until the homebuyer expresses full customer satisfaction throughout the sales journey. This isn’t to say that there won’t be objections or problems. Rather, it means that the best real estate agents work on making others happy before being happy themselves over their work.

Integrity Over Everything Else

Finally, the best sales agents adhere to an integrity standard that ensures fairness in their dealings. They don’t badmouth competitors or use dishonest means to undercut rival sales agents. They put the customer first and foremost in their dealings. This means providing the best deals that work for buyers and not for their commission rates. It also means disclosing any problems, delays, or price increases with utmost transparency. For the best real estate agents, integrity is the means to get repeat customers and wholehearted referrals. 

Need Help From the Best Real Estate Agents in the Philippines? Visit Ohmyhome Now!

When looking for the best properties for sale, rent, or lease, do check out Ohmyhome, the Philippines’  premier property tech platform. A simple chat, email, or phone call can put you through our team of real estate professionals. They can give you valuable advice on available properties that suit your budget, location preferences, and personal tastes. Our property advisers can also help you find the best financing deals from our many partner banks and lending institutions. We also know that documentation can complicate or delay the sales process, so we have our highly efficient customer service team to assist and advise you.   

The best part is, you won’t have to deal with individual developers when you talk with an Ohmyhome real estate agent. They’ll be happy to walk you through individual projects that fit your exact specifications. Instead of wasting time going from one developer site or sales agent to another, you’ll only need to visit Ohmyhome and talk to the best real estate agents in town.   

13,100 Happy Customers Served  

Why Ohmyhome? Apart from our army of trusted professionals, we have tens of thousands of local properties we’d love to share with every homebuyer and investor. The platform partnered with over 180 of the finest local real estate developers in the country today. As a result, Ohmyhome has over 13,100 happy customers served, with each one averaging over P185,000 in savings or discounts in their transactions.    For the complete Ohmyhome experience, download the Ohmyhome IOS or Android app or follow our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. Get a free daily dose of news, information, and promos from Ohmyhome, so sign up today!

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