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When talking about Philippine properties, you’ve probably heard more than enough about Metro Manila. The nation’s capital as well as the seat of business is more than enough reason to make homebuyers and investors pull out their wallets. However, due to continuous demand amid a saturated market, prices of real estate properties in Metro Manila are at their highest levels. Real Estate 101 tells us that the higher the price, the longer the time needed to realize a return on investment (ROI). Safe to say, investing in Metro Manila is now closed to the big players.

Thankfully, other growth areas in the Philippines are worth checking out. This includes investing in Cebu, Davao, Baguio, and even Batangas properties.

Aside from Batangas City, Metro Batangas includes the nearby municipalities of Alitagtag, Bauan, Ibaan, Lobo, Mabini, Rosario, San Juan, San Luis, San Pascual, Santa Teresita, Taal, Taysan and Tingloy. Taal is a major tourist destination in the province that’s famous for a lake within a volcano within a lake.

What Makes Metro Batangas Properties Special?

Metro Cebu and Metro Davao already made their mark as the top two urban destinations in the Philippines after Metro Manila. Like the nation’s capital, these two metropolitan areas are now in the thick of development. Per definition, the National Economic and Development Authority bestows the title of metropolitan area due to its notable population, size, and economic activity. Batangas, especially its component city, is an emerging province that holds all the cards: infrastructure, transportation access, industrial capability, tourism, and human capital.

As one of the most promising urban areas in the country, Metro Batangas has something that is the envy of many other areas: a thriving seaport. Batangas City captured the hearts of businessmen when it became the second busiest port in the country after Manila. With South Luzon as an industrial and export hotbed, many businesses now head for Batangas instead of going to Manila to have their goods shipped out. At the same time, the port’s excellent location gives it unprecedented access to quickly deliver cargo to the waiting Visayas and Mindanao markets.

Given Metro Batangas’ strategic importance, other development plans are on the way. This includes adding Batangas City as a stop in the freight train system from Clark to Laguna. Plus, plans are being considered to develop an international air cargo terminal in Alitagtag and San Pascual. Both are component municipalities of Metro Batangas. Right now, many Batangas properties are in pre-selling mode. However, don’t expect the status to stay the same within the next few years.

Metro Batangas: Beyond The Port

A thriving Information And Computer Technology (ICT) industry is also quietly making its mark in the province. With a literacy rate of 95%, Batangas is an ideal host for the many business process outsourcing companies looking to fill their employment needs. As the most populous area, Batangas City can give the BPO market a fresh supply of highly motivated and highly skilled workers.

Can the BPOs thrive in the province? Thankfully, power, water, and telecommunications are in ample supply. Aside from the usual power plants, the province is home to two geothermal plants (Makban and Maibarara) that can supply additional electricity for the province. Meanwhile, the two major Philippine telecom providers have made it a point to ensure that Metro Batangas and the rest of the province have adequate mobile coverage.

With roads, infrastructure, and utilities down pat, what Metro Batangas needs is homes for its human capital. Developers are responding to the call by planning and implementing quality housing in the area.

Consider Batangas Properties for Your Next Investment Decision

Unlike Metro Manila, Metro Batangas is still in its infancy stages of development. Even as businesses thrive in the area, plenty of growth opportunities still exist. Keen-eyed home buyers looking for great long-term investments should take a closer look. Batangas is a rising star in a high-performing region (IVB or CALABARZON). In terms of economic growth, South Luzon contributed 30.6% of the country’s industrial output in 2017. This is nearly equal compared to the contributions of Metro Manila (19%) and Central Luzon (13.0%) combined.

The clock already started in terms of property developments in the area. Developers have seen the potential offered by Metro Manila and have now undertaken ambitious projects ranging from lot estates to exclusive residential mansions. Once the Batangas City seaport goes full blast on its expansion plans, there’s no stopping progress in the area. At the same time, the national government is stepping up programs to further connect Metro Batangas with Metro Manila and the rest of South Luzon. In a few years, expect a new growth area that can rival its northern Pampanga cousin: New Clark City.

For would-be residents, they can expect comfortable living conditions near their place of work. At the same time, plenty of transport options are available if you need to visit the capital or other cities. The Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) and the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) mean comfortable road trips to and from Batangas. Meanwhile, SLEX also connects to the Metro Manila Skyway. This allows you to bypass the capital en route to Central or North Luzon. If plans materialize, Batangas City will soon be part of a railway system traversing the entire Luzon area.

Are You Looking to Invest in Batangas Properties? Ohmyhome Has the Resources You Need

Are you interested in exploring investment possibilities in Metro Batangas or elsewhere in the Philippines? If yes, then all you need is a visit to Ohmyhome. We are a property tech platform that partnered with over 200 of the country’s biggest developers. In doing so, we’ve amassed a listing of thousands of properties ranging from starter homes to luxury condominiums.

Our team of talented real estate professionals isn’t beholden to any project or developer. Instead, they will happily show you the best projects that fit your requirements and get you the best deals. Additionally, they’ll also hook you up with our partner banks so you can avail of the best financing options.

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