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Tagaytay properties in the mountains


Working in the big city five days a week straight can be downright exhausting. Then again, calling it quits every Friday and taking a much-deserved weekend away from work is a great refresher. A popular destination for weary urban warriors is Tagaytay City. This mountainous enclave south of Metro Manila is home to cool breezes and breathtaking views.  For those who can’t have enough of this charming locale, owning a Tagaytay property is a great way to address this shortcoming.

What’s So Special About Tagaytay? 

Escaping Metro Manila during weekends and holidays is the de facto national pastime of many of the capital’s working professionals. Tagaytay is a choice destination for many reasons, including its proximity. The one-and-a-half-hour drive is now a few minutes shorter thanks to newer bypass roads that avoid congested areas like Sta Rosa City proper and Aguinaldo Highway. The intrepid vacationer can leave by Friday evening, spend the next two nights at Tagaytay, and arrive home by Sunday afternoon or early evening. 

Of course, the destination should always be worth the trip. Filipinos needing a change from the usual tropical weather can transport themselves to Tagaytay’s milder climate. Its high elevation levels and abundance of trees mean cooler, colder temperatures, especially during early mornings and nights. Finally, the views are simply amazing. The majestic view of a lake inside Taal Volcano inside Taal Lake will always be a sight for tired eyes. Plus, the quaint houses and historical landmarks help make Tagaytay City cooler than most Philippine cities.  

Even Doing Nothing is Better in Tagaytay 

For many families and barkadas, renting a Tagaytay property or booking hotel rooms over the weekend is a great way to refresh and reconnect. Interestingly, staying inside the house together with friends and family is the preferred mode of activity while in Tagaytay. There, they can converse and play games, eat, and drink until the threat of Monday beckons. While vacationers have the option of in–house cooking, plenty of nearby establishments are more than happy to serve the city’s famous dishes such as bulalo (beef and bone marrow soup) and tawilis (freshwater sardine). 

Even as most prefer to stay indoors, Tagaytay does have plenty to offer its restless visitors. Tagaytay Highlands is a massive (but members-only) country club that offers everything from dining to sports to entertainment. Many weekend warriors play golf in Highlands’ famous but windy courses. Meanwhile, other family members and friends can choose to spend their time playing indoor sports, getting spa treatments, or having a drink at the many bars. Additionally, several casinos are also available in Tagaytay to satisfy your gambling proclivities.

If You Love Tagaytay So Much, Why Don’t You Buy a Tagaytay Property? 

Whether booking a Tagaytay hotel room or staying at an Airbnb, a Tagaytay weekend can mean paying a substantial amount in rent and facilities. If you love spending your free time up in the hills, why not invest in a Tagaytay property? For those thinking that the city’s popularity with the vacation crowd means only high-priced properties are available, think again! 

Homebuyers who dream of owning a Tagaytay property can take comfort that home prices are still within reasonable levels despite the city’s popularity. Surprisingly, you can purchase a 29 sqm one-bedroom from Robinsons Land Corporation at an unbelievable price of P2.2 million! Alternatively, you can also look into owning a pre selling studio unit at Eleve Residences at P5.62 million. There’s also Filinvest Land’s ready-for-occupancy Fora Condotel that offers a studio condotel unit for as low as P4.6 million

House and Lot Options Still Aplenty for Those Looking to Invest in a Tagaytay Property

Meanwhile, investors who prefer a freestanding Tagaytay property for rental purposes can still find plenty of available options. Brittany Corporation, the developer behind the popular and pine-scented Crosswinds estates, has opened a new development right next to Crosswinds: Lausanne. There, you can build your dream log cabin-style home once you purchase a premium lot with prices between P31 million to P46.6 million. Alternatively, Hillside Ridge, located along the Sta Rosa-Tagaytay road,  also offers prime hillside lots starting at P8.5 million. Further up the hill toward Magallanes Drive is Alta Monte, with lot options ranging between P7.8 million to P18 million.   

However, those who want to simply move into their new Tagaytay Home can look into Eleve Homes Tagaytay. A single two-story, three-bedroom unit measuring 86.87 combined floor area can be yours for only P9.5 million. Once completed in 2026, Eleve Homes will consist of multiple clusters containing two residential units each.   

Make Your Dream Tagaytay Property Come True With Ohmyhome

Despite the city’s massive popularity as a weekend getaway destination, the dream of becoming a Tagaytay property owner remains very achievable. Home prices are still within range for many property buyers and investors. And with continuous demand coming from weekend warriors and work-weary families, you’ll be sure to make money from rentals for a long time. 

Ohmyhome, the Philippines’ premier property tech platform has the most comprehensive listing of Tagaytay properties you’ll ever need. We partnered with over 200 of the country’s best developers to give you plenty of options. In addition, our powerful search tool allows you to filter your home search to closely match your preferred property type, location, turnover date, and price. 

Ohmyhome also partnered with the country’s best banks and financial institutions to help get you the best financing options. Our team of licensed real estate professionals will also be happy to assist you in everything from paperwork to paying fees and taxes. Just pick a home from our huge listing and we’ll help you with the rest.  

To avail of the complete Ohmyhome experience, sign up today for a free account! That’s all you need to do to unlock the most comprehensive and convenient way to look for properties. 

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