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Property purchases come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets. Many prefer the security of landed property that allows you and your family to grow. Others prefer smaller units that feature excellent amenities and a location that’s near their place of work. Still, others want property not for themselves but to lease to others. For this latter option, location plays a big part in Anchor Land’s Cosmo Suites, located near the burgeoning Bay Area in Pasay is one such property.  

The Bay Area Is Not Your Everyday Business District  

Pasay City’s Bay Area isn’t just another business district filled with offices, malls, and residential units. It’s also home to a thriving network of casinos and nightspots, where the rich and the lucky congregate. Okada, City of Dreams, and Solaire comprise some of the area’s prominent hotel and casino complexes.   

More importantly, the Bay Area has something other districts don’t have: a bay that features one of the world’s best sunsets. Even the hardest workers and the most social go-getters pause during the late afternoon to take a peek at Manila Bay’s glorious sundown.

More than Just Sunsets

Meanwhile, residents and visitors have plenty to do during non-sunset hours. SM’s Mall of Asia is one gigantic complex that will take you a few hours to complete traverse. Even better, the mall has a companion bay walk that allows you to find your place under the sun… before it sets. Outside the mall and along the bay are numerous restaurants, watering holes, and even an amusement park complete with a giant Ferris Wheel.     

Of course, the Bay Area is more than MOA, North of the Bay Area lies the Cultural Center of the Philippines complex, which houses several art houses, theaters, and exhibition halls. Meanwhile, the area’s main business park houses plenty of modern office buildings, residential towers, and retail, dining, and drinking establishments. 

Cosmo Suites: An Out-of-this-World Residential Experience

Anchor Land’s Cosmo Suites offers an out-of-this-world property experience right at the heart of the Bay Area. The two-story, 16-level property can accommodate up to 3,000 residents in 800 spacious units. People with business in the Bay Area, along with Investors who want a piece of the action, would want to take a good look at Cosmo Suites. Located at the heart of the Bay Area, Cosmo Suites offers unprecedented access to everywhere else. EDSA is just right below the main entrance, while Roxas Boulevard, Macapagal Avenue, and Taft Avenue are just nearby. This means that going to the airport or nearby districts of Makati or BGC shouldn’t be a problem.

Why We Like It

Cosmo Suites positions itself as an attractive investment property. Thousands of workers, students, and casual guests milling around the Bay Area every day. As such, many will seek to find co-living accommodations that provide a great location and offer great value. Co-living spaces means getting maximum returns for your investment. With up to six individuals sharing a unit, Cosmo Suites will give you more in terms of rental income. Unit owners will only need to sit back and watch as their investment earns a handsome return every month.

Instead of worrying about renting out your Cosmo Suites unit, Anchor Land’s in-house program will assume the responsibility of keeping your units occupied. Anchor 100 will tap into the Bay Area’s pool of individuals looking for co-living arrangements in the area. 

Once tenants are settled in, Anchor 100 will handle the daily management and upkeep of your unit to keep residents happy. This includes maintaining the shared spaces and amenities that serve as prime attractions to tenants. Modern individual amenities include fiber optic Internet access, digital locks, purified air systems, and an online management system. Meanwhile, shared amenities include exclusive sports and fitness centers, co-working spaces, relaxation lounges complete with vending machines, laundry services, and a central concierge.  

Things to Consider

Anchor Land designed Cosmo Suites to maximize space for its intended target of co-living individuals. Studio unit sizes range from 21.1 sqm to 34.5 sqm, which can accommodate busy professionals in need of privacy and groups of students or office mates looking to bunk together. Each unit is fully furnished so you won’t have to worry about shelling out additional money for furniture and appliances. Apart from beds, units also feature air conditioning units, multi-use spaces, and separate shower and toilet areas. For the busy student or worker who spends more time at work or school and needs a modern halfway home, Cosmo Suites offers some of the warmest accommodations in the area. 

The cost of investing in a Cosmo Suites unit won’t break the bank as well. Prices range from P3.6 million for a twin suite while a superior triple bunk suite can go as low as P5.8 million. Once you find the unit that suits your needs, you’ll only need to put down a P50,000 reservation to get the ball rolling. 

A Great Investment Opportunity in Cosmo Suites is Waiting for You! Visit Ohmyhome Today!

Are you interested in investing in a Cosmo Suites unit? Or, are you looking for other units in the Bay Area or somewhere else? Instead of exhausting yourself visiting one developer website after another, simply log into Ohmyhome Philippines and enjoy worry-free property hunting. 

Over 200 of the country’s best developers have entrusted us with over 1,000 properties, so you’ll very much find what you want in the country’s premier property tech platform. Plus, our easy search tool can filter property searches based on your location, property type, turnover date, and budget. 

Ohmyhome’s internal team of real estate professionals and top-notch customer service staff can also help you get valuable property advice, secure the best financing options, and assist you with your paperwork requirements. All you need to do is sign up for a free account today and you can immediately start searching. 

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