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For many professionals working in Metro Manila’s many urban centers, the daily commute often makes or breaks a promising career. Imagine getting that dream job in a respectable office located in a prominent business district. However, getting to the office and going back home means enduring a nightmarish hours-long trip in each direction. Occasionally, add some unanticipated thunderstorms and flash floods in nearby areas and you’ll soon find the two-hour trip mushrooming to four hours or more. Those pursuing their dream jobs should really think about getting a condo in Pasig, Makati, or Taguig in order to save commute times. 

Of course, many professionals will have other concerns before handing down their hard-earned money for a down payment. How much is a condo in Pasig or other business districts compared to other cities? How expensive is condo living? Which locations and properties offer the best and fastest returns? What are the amenities?

Bridgetowne: An Emerging Township in Metro Manila

While condominiums in established places such as Ortigas, Makati, and BGC are the most convenient properties for sale, they come at a premium price. Those investing in properties to rent out to transient workers might find the prices there a bit above their original budgets. Similarly, young professionals intent on acquiring their first property might opt for new, more affordable units in emerging locations such as Robinson Land Corporation’s Bridgetowne.

Situated between the cities of Quezon and Pasig, Bridgetowne is poised to become the next important business district in Metro Manila. The mixed residential, commercial, and business park occupies a hefty 30.6 hectares of space, with a sprawling four-lane bridge in the middle connecting the two cities. BPO-ready buildings, shopping malls, hotels, and residential units will soon complete the self-sustaining township. In addition, both a medical center and a school are already in the works to provide for residents’ needs. For commuters and workers going to and from Bridgetowne, a dedicated transport terminal featuring environmentally friendly e-vehicles is already operational.

Cirrus at Bridgetowne: A Modern Condo in Pasig for Working Professionals

Centered in Bridgetowne is a 42-story development that rises high among the clouds: Cirrus. Its strategic location in Bridgetowne ensures that Cirrus residents are within a short distance from Metro Manila’s business districts. More specifically, Cirrus is about 3 kilometers away from Ortigas, 8km from BGC, and 9 km from Makati. When going elsewhere, both Ortigas Avenue and C5 Road offer access to southbound and westbound routes. In addition, Bridgetowne’s transport terminal also makes it easy to connect to Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas. The mall has a central transport hub that connects you to other key Metro Manila cities.

Scheduled for turnover in the second quarter of 2024, Cirrus will start accepting residents within a few months. This gives prospective homebuyers and investors enough time to stake it out and complete a transaction.  Meanwhile, the rest of Bridgetowne continues to grow and develop. This is an excellent opportunity for buyers to become pioneering homeowners in this next-generation township.

A Well-Designed Green Community

If you’re a fan of well-developed communities, you’ll like what Bridgetowne has in store. Apart from the multitude of greenery surrounding the various developments, care has been taken to incorporate the Marikina River that flows within the area. The 110-meter connecting bridge across the river is an art piece designed by National Artist Francisco “Bobby” Mañosa. 

In addition, a towering steel statue aptly named “the Victor” stands tall at the center of Bridgetowne, a masterpiece designed by noted Fil-Am visual artist Jefrë Theirry Manuel-Figueras. The masterful layout, wide roads, and green initiatives all point to Bridgetowne as a great example of modern urban master planning. For Robinsons Land’s efforts, the PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards 2022 bestowed the development with two awards: Best Township Development and Best Township Master Plan Design.

Why We Like It

A notable feature of Cirrus is that almost all its units are studio units. This setup makes Cirrus a perfect hive for working professionals needing a convenient place to stay.  Once home at Cirrus, residents will enjoy amenities designed to support an active, working lifestyle. There’s a jogging trail, a fitness center, and a lap pool to help keep you in shape during off hours.  A private theater, function room, and game room can help while away the time in the company of like-minded professionals. For residents in a contemplative mood, a sky garden and sky lounge can help bring home the point that they made it to the top. 

Cirrus definitely appeals to professionals employed within Bridgetowne. However, its proximity to Ortigas, BGC, and Makati also makes it a great alternative address. For many employees, having a great work-life balance means living not too far from the office. It also means not being too near the workplace so as to encourage longer hours.

Things to Consider

Cirrus focused its entire design on appealing to the working professional, which is why units are mostly studio-type by design. If you’re a homebuyer with plans to raise a small family, you may want to consider a bigger condo in Pasig or elsewhere. Investors who continue to see a bright future for the country’s IT industry will find Cirrus to be an appealing purchase. Bridgetowne’s IT-centered office buildings are already operational and will definitely need help providing shelter to their many employed professionals.

If you’re actively trying to save Mother Earth, you’ll be pleased to join this community. Individuals who have given up on private vehicles in favor of environmentally-friendly public transport should find comfort in Bridgetowne’s e-vehicle transport options. Plus, the township is designed to be a walkable and breathable community, which reduces the need for gas-guzzling transportation. 

Finally, Cirrus studio units come at very competitive prices. A typical unit measures 259 square meters on average and goes between P6.6 million to P6.8 million. With the targeted completion date a few months away, prices will invariably go up as demand increases. You might want to secure your reservation and be part of the pioneering generation of homeowners in Cirrus and Bridgetowne.

Looking for a Cirrus Unit or Another Condo in Pasig? Ohmyhome is Here for You 

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Not only can you find the best properties to buy, lease, or rent homes, but you can also have us help you sell your own properties. In fact, we’ve helped over 8,000 happy customers to complete over 13,000 transactions. In addition to helping with property transactions, we can also assist you with your related needs such as documentation and finding the best financing options. Get more out of your home buying experience with Ohmyhome, the Philippines’ foremost property tech platform today. You can also download and install our Ohmyhome iOS or Android apps, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Sign up now and get ready to be the owner of your dream home!

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