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Marriage. For most people, it’s one of the most important decisions in their lives. If you pull it off just right, then wedded bliss lies ahead. Along with a great marriage comes a happy home. So if you’re planning on starting a new family, having a new home you can call your own is a great way to start your new life as a couple. However, is being ready to take the marital plunge the same as getting ready to commit to a home purchase? Should couples purchase a home before or after marriage? Does having your own home have a distinct advantage over renting or staying with your folks? Let’s tackle these questions one by one.

A Little Privacy Please

As a married couple, the minimum expectation is cohabitation, or staying together in a single residence. Prior to marriage, many single adults either live with their parents, live by themselves, or share a residence with friends. While it’s technically feasible to integrate a spouse into each scenario above, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to end up a good fit. 

Having your own place to yourselves is a great way to start life as a newly married couple. For one, you can focus your attention on your spouse and vice versa whenever you’re both home. This allows you to learn more about each other’s daily habits without any interference from other people. Together, couples can establish routines and divide the tasks between themselves. 

Should You Buy a House When You Get Married?

Of course, cohabitating doesn’t necessarily require buying a house. A conjugal home purchase signifies a different sort of commitment: a financial one to a third party. Depending on your finances, you can choose to rent a place for just the two of you. Or, you can take things a bit more slowly by staying with a parent, as long as you get to have your own room.  

If you do feel that renting a unit or living with relatives is merely delaying the inevitable, what factors should couples consider before signing up for a new home? First, determine your creditworthiness. While banks and other financial institutions would be happy to help finance your new home, they’ll need to take a closer look at your collective ability to pay the monthly mortgage. Aside from paying mortgages, couples need to have enough money left over every month for their necessities as well as rainy day funds for emergencies. 

Meanwhile, many practical couples prefer paying for a new home instead of spending on a lavish wedding celebration. They feel that while a wedding is a fleeting moment, having a home is more lasting. Besides, forward-thinking partners know that once they have the basics such as a new home down, they can be more confident spending money on a wedding ceremony down the line. 

The Benefits of Having a New Home

Since you’ll be starting your new life as a married couple, you’d naturally want to start fresh. A new home provides the perfect opportunity for newlyweds to play the lead roles in a household. This is especially true for individuals who lived all their lives with their parents or siblings. It is their chance to learn the responsibilities of being a homeowner. Aside from paying the mortgage, homeowners need to perform regular maintenance and upkeep as well as plan for repair work or expansion projects. Thankfully, a new home won’t cause too much of a fuss, whether in terms of repairs or maintenance. New homes, especially those built by reputable developers, can last for years before problems start to appear.     

New homeowners can also look forward to becoming better-informed property investors. It always pays to stay updated on home prices in your area. This is especially true for households with a growing family. A better grasp of the real estate market can help them get a better idea if it’s a good time to flip their existing home for a new and bigger one.    

Having a new home in a new location also means new adventures for the married couple. Establishing a favorite supermarket, mall, and entertainment hall requires taking a sample of everything the local community offers. Couples can also mark the best routes for exercises such as jogging or biking. Finally, a new home offers the opportunity of getting to know your new neighbors and being friends with them. Depending on your efforts, you can start the journey toward making lifelong friends in your area.

Planning to Buy a New Home? Ohmyhome Will Be Happy to Give You a Wedding Gift

Couples planning on acquiring a new home are in for a treat when they look for properties via Ohmyhome Philippines. As the country’s leading property tech platform, Ohmyhome has the widest selection of over 80,000 properties from over a thousand projects. We have partnered with over 200 of the country’s leading property developers to help you make an informed choice. Even better, you won’t have to jump from one developer’s website to another while doing your property research. 

But wait, there’s more! Soon-to-be newlyweds who decide to reserve a unit through Ohmyhome can receive up to P5,000 worth of gift checks as our wedding present. Simply go over Ohmyhome’s extensive list of available properties, pick the one that you and your spouse like best, and make a reservation. Before doing so, make sure you complete all the documentation required from Ohmyhome property buyers. This includes an accomplished Buyer’s Information Sheet, proof of downpayment, and a signed reservation agreement.  Learn more about Ohmyhome’s exciting promos and deals by visiting our website and signing up for a free account. You can also download the free iOS or Android Ohmyhome app, or follow our  Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube channels for even more in-depth information about the local real estate scene.

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