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You might be wondering why it is good to invest in real property in the Philippines when the economy of the entire world is uncertain. But guess what? This is exactly the reason why property investment in the Philippines is a good idea:

1. Thousands of jobs are being inquired in the Philippines for investment purposes

Despite the steady growth of companies in the United States and Europe, they anticipate risks in the coming months or years. Due to these risks, companies are cutting costs by outsourcing or relocating jobs to the Philippines.

In fact, Manila ranks 3rd in terms of Net Global demand for outsourced services, thanks to the relatively low costs of hiring skilled workers and support for companies venturing into digitalization and artificial intelligence.

This trend implies that job opportunities, both for locals and expats in the Philippines, will continue to rise, contributing to the increasing demand for real estate in both residential and office sectors

2. The number of companies requiring a ‘Return to Office’ setup is increasing rapidly

There has been a decrease in the office vacancy rate in major CBDs, the Bay Area, and nearby locations in Metro Manila, which means that companies are now requiring their employees to report to their offices more frequently. Having said this, an increase in rental demand within and nearby locations is expected to be seen over the next months and years.

3. Rebound of the Tourism Industry in the Philippines.

The tourism department of the Philippines recorded over 5.5 million tourists who visited the country. Some of the sought-after locations in the Philippines for tourism are Cebu, Bohol, and Palawan. With the improvement of infrastructure, including a 9-hectare, 6-star resort and casino integrated facility in Cebu, SGD 5 million worth of infrastructure invested in Bohol, and improved sea and airports in Palawan, the number of tourists is expected to return and surpass its normal trend during the pre-pandemic period of at least 8 million visitors year on year.

4. Steady and increasing growth seen in the high-end real estate market.

The Philippines has seen very good traction with very little to no distress in the upper-middle to luxury type of real estate market. This is mainly due to the increase in investors’ demand for a very good and ‘resort-like experience’ type of property, which was absent during the pandemic. Moreover, developers in the Philippines are willing to extend terms, which is very beneficial to investors.

5. Rental Prices Continuously Grow

Urbanization, stable demand for office rentals, changes in online property classifieds, and increased flexible living spaces due to the rise of hybrid working models are a few of the factors that contribute to the growth of rental prices in the Philippines. The potential rental income is at least SGD 1,000 per month, depending on the location and type of property.

Investing is indeed a risk even more so that the investment will be made outside of your country of residence. But property tech companies like Ohmyhome strive to provide a reliable property guide and management of investment of these types. With various services being offered – from inquiry down to property management or even selling the property at a higher price, Ohmyhome may be of help.

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