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Christmas is just around the corner! For those generous souls who managed to complete their holiday gift list, you might have missed out on someone important: yourself! After all, self-love is one of the best manifestations of love out there, so you might as well go all out in loving yourself. And what else can serve as the best gift for Christmas than buying property?

Whether to the family, a loved one, or yourself, the gift of real estate will always be a gift that keeps on giving. We at Ohmyhome list four great reasons why buying property is the best gift for Christmas. 

1. It’s the Gift That Outlasts Other Gifts

Buying cars or the latest electronic gizmos has a definite shelf life. In most cases, they’ll often last as long as their warranties. Afterward, you’ll likely need to get a new model. In contrast, buying property lasts way beyond your own lifetime. In fact, you can pass off properties to your next in line and to future generations within your family. Even better, property usually continues to appreciate in value. The small investment you make today can turn into a highly valuable asset for your children and eventually, their children’s children. 

2. It’s the Gift That Continues To Appreciate in Value

Unlike most gifts whose prices immediately drop once you get them out of the store, real estate purchases will continue to rise in value over the years. According to Savills Research, total real estate prices in 2020 reached $326.5 trillion. This represents a 5% increase from 2019 levels. In particular, residential real estate value rose by 8% during the same period to $258.5 trillion. With the world’s population now more than 8 billion, demand for real estate in the planet’s most habitable areas will continue to rise. 

3. It’s the Gift That Helps Spur the Economy and Create Jobs

By purchasing real estate, you help spur the local economy through a number of beneficial effects. Collectively, real estate purchases help fund government projects and salaries for public workers. Even the local government where your property resides gets a share in the taxes that they can use to improve their community. In addition, a single property purchase delivers much-needed revenue to real estate developers, engineering firms, construction companies, and housing material suppliers. It also helps pay for the salaries and commissions of real estate agents, construction crews, and haulers. Whether as a buyer or recipient, it feels great knowing that your property touches a number of lives and helps keep the economy running

4. It’s the Gift You Truly Deserve

Countess people work hard every day to achieve the singular goal of owning their home, so receiving the gift of property remains a privilege. Those fortunate enough to have a piece of land or a house in their name can enjoy a great source of comfort. Whatever happens, you have your own part of the world where you can peacefully spend the rest of your life. Who wouldn’t want that sense of security and ownership?  

Whether you’ve completed your Christmas list or still listing who’s naughty and who’s nice, save some Christmas love for yourself. Help yourself to the best gift for Christmas by getting that real estate property you’ve always been dreaming of.  

Ohmyhome Helps You Give Yourself the Best Gift for Christmas

Looking for the best real estate deals in the country? Let Ohmyhome Philippines help you find the hottest properties and the best deals around. Ohmyhome lists more than 500 properties from the country’s major developers. Its extensive listing helps you zero in on your dream home regardless of the developer, location, or price. 

You can also download the Ohmyhome iOS or Android app to get the latest property listing, deals, and news. Or, follow our Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube to receive daily updates. 

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