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Maelyn Lagman

Can we agree that buying the right home amid the global chaos we’re all simultaneously witnessing is now an urgent necessity? Whether you’re an adult trying to work from home in peace or a parent desperate to create a conducive environment for your child’s stay-at-home learning, buying the right home can be the catalyst to a more productive and well-balanced life.

But how can a house and lot be the right type of home for you?

Buying a house and lot is investing in your family’s future

When you buy a house and lot, you are not just buying a home; you are also purchasing the land on which it is built. This means you can pass it on to the next generation of your family and beyond, not to mention you’ll have more freedom and space for expansion and renovations.

Buying the right home can be the catalyst to a more productive and well-balanced life.

Still, you may be holding on to negative expectations about buying a house and lot:

Expectation: A house and lot is too expensive

A quick search on Google reveals that most Filipino homebuyers are looking for an ‘affordable house and lot for sale,’ which only says one thing: A house and lot is expected to be too expensive for a typical Filipino homebuyer to afford.

We’re here to say: That is simply not true.

Reality: There are house and lots under Php10m

Though there are higher-priced house and lots in the market, there are also more affordable ones. BRIA Homes, one of the leading real estate developers in the Philippines, offers house and lot packages under Php10 million. With BRIA, you can find a house and lot within the ranges of Php460,000 and Php1.5 million, and enjoy the discounts and promotions they offer regularly.

Of course, you can choose to get a Pag-IBIG housing loan-one of the most popular housing loans in the Philippines-when buying a BRIA house and lot. It allows you to borrow up to Php6 million for all types of property purchases, even for home improvements, renovations, or refinancing an existing home loan. With this, the following misconception might come to mind.

Expectation: An affordable house and lot means rushed and sloppy construction

The affordability of a home does not determine its quality.

It’s important to note that any product’s affordability does not determine its quality, even with homes. An affordable house and lot can be well-designed and constructed, too.

Reality: New tech reduces construction time without compromising quality

BRIA uses new technologies that marry quality and speed in its home-building process, giving birth to well-designed and constructed homes that cater to every kind of homebuyer. It offers various house models that are both aesthetically-pleasing and functional:

The Bettina townhouse.

  • Bettina is a two-storey townhouse with a floor area of 44 square metres and a lot area of 36 square metres; featuring two bedrooms, a bathroom, a carport, and dining, living, and service areas.

The Alecza single-firewall unit.

  • Alecza is a 36 square-metre unit on an 81 square-metre lot; a single-firewall house model with two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a carport, as well as dining, living, and service areas.

  • Elyana is a 24 square-metre rowhouse on a 36 square-metre lot with one bedroom, one bathroom, a dining and living area, and provision for another bedroom.

The Elena rowhouse.

  • Elena is a 22 square-metre unit on a 36 square-metre lot; this rowhouse features a bedroom, a bathroom, a living and dining area, with provisions for a bedroom and service area.

Residents of BRIA Homes communities also have Sentro-recreation hub, active grounds, and community center that offers a holistic communal lifestyle that upholds healthy living.

BRIA doesn’t shy away from environmental conversations and creates ‘Project Plantahanan‘ to educate residents on the importance of a cleaner environment.

Expectation: Affordable house and lots are Located somewhere secluded from all necessary amenities

On the contrary, there are many house and lots close to city-centres. BRIA Homes have prioritised strategic connectivity, developing house and lots all over the country that are near places of worship, hospitals, schools, malls, eateries, and more. They are also near major roads and highways for easier travel to and from home.

Reality: There are affordable house and lots near city centres, all over the Philippines

Bria Homes Montalban in Metro Manila

BRIA Homes Montalban stands between Quezon City and Montalban, Rizal. It’s located near the University of Rizal System, The Eastbridge School, and the Village School of Parkwood, as well as the Montalban Infirmary CCH Birthing Center-perfect for expecting parents and families with children of all ages. A BRIA Montalban house and lot is now priced at Php2 million.

BRIA Homes Calamba Executive in Luzon

The Elyana rowhouse sits on a 36 square-metre lot, going for Php 1 to 2 million in Calamba.

BRIA Homes Calamba Executive is located in Barangay Majada Out, Canlubang, near Calamba City. It offers the Alecza, Bettina, and Elyana house models. A BRIA Calamba home is currently priced at about Php1 to 2 million.

BRIA Homes Dumaguete in Visayas

Bria Homes Dumaguete is a five-hectare residential subdivision strategically located at Brgy. Cantil-e, Dumaguete City, accessible through Bacong-Valencia Road. It offers the Angeli, Angelique, and Airene house models.

BRIA Homes Digos in Mindanao

BRIA Homes Digos is located near Davao Del Sur Provincial Capitol, only a few minutes away from Digos City. It offers a combination of urban living and a peaceful community, with a jogging path snaking throughout the community’s sprawling grounds.

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