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Written by: Rita Magallona

Have you given serious thought to continuing your remote work setup even after the enhanced community quarantine is lifted? No more traffic, more time for deep work, and unlimited snacks; what’s not to like?

If this is the case, it’s time to invest in the right equipment for your home office. It doesn’t take much to have the best home office setup for productivity, even in a small space.

7 Home Office Essentials for Remote Work

1. Work Desk

As you would in your office, you will need a spacious and ergonomic desk that is exclusively for work. This can be a simple office desk or a more stylish multi-function desk. Bottom line: you must have a dedicated place for your professional tasks. Make sure you place your desk away from distractions, preferably somewhere with natural lighting.

2. Computer Monitor

A computer is not included in this list because you probably already have one, be it a laptop or desktop, provided by your employer. But to help streamline your tasks, it’s always better to get a second monitor. It will allow you to open multiple windows and look at multiple documents or pages at the same time.

3. Ergonomic Chair

With the circuit breaker measures in place, you can expect to spend a lot of time at your home office. This means you will need a comfortable ergonomic chair that supports your back and promotes good posture. This will help you avoid those pesky body pains later on. Remember to stand up, stretch, and walk for about one to two minutes for every 30 minutes you spend sitting on your chair.

4. Office Stationery

While the notes app on your phone is good for on-the-go note-taking, you will find that a stationery set – pens, pencils, sticky note pads, notebook – at your home office is something worthwhile to have. For one thing, writing things down by hand helps you remember it better. Sometimes a notepad and a pen are faster to get to than turning on an app.

5. External Drive for Data Backup

Electrical outages could make you lose not only the progress you are working on but also precious data that could be vital not only to your work but also to the company’s operations. This is why you should have backup data storage, both in the cloud and on an external drive. This way, your work and data are safe should there ever be a power outage.

6. Multi-Function Printer

While your company, like many other businesses, go paperless with their operations, it is still a good thing to have a printer that can also function as a scanner and a copy machine. Some documents and records like contracts, invoices, and important email communiqués need hard copies for faster reference or as backup documentation in case digital versions get corrupted or accidentally deleted.


7. Laptop Stand

Speaking of ergonomics, it’s a great idea to add a laptop stand to your home office setup. By elevating your laptop screen to eye level, you improve your posture and avoid straining your neck and shoulder muscles. While a stack of books can do the trick, it’s more convenient to get a laptop stand. Choose a lightweight, sturdy, and foldable version so you can easily move your work station according to your preferences.

Bonus Item: Smart Speakers

While this is not necessarily directly needed for work, playing your favourite tunes over good speakers will help you get in the zone. Increase your concentration and motivation by playing a productivity playlist. You even have the option of playing music on your smart home hub if it has Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant built into it.

As you work from home, don’t forget to make time for maintaining your physical fitness and mental health.

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