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DIY Step-by-Step Guide for Landlords

Rent out your whole HDB flat or sublet your room so thousands of tenants can view your property, for free.

Step 1

Post a Property for Rent

After you have downloaded Ohmyhome App, start your journey by choosing I am a “Landlord” from the list. If you prefer to use the website, start by clicking the “Sign-up” button. Post your property then the prospective tenants will chat with you directly! It’s that easy!

What’s in a Listing?

Click on “Post a Property” and choose “Home Rental”. Tell us about your unit, upload photos, then enter a rental price. Good photos often attract more tenants and don’t forget to tell them what makes your home so great!

This process can be completed in just 5 steps!

*To protect your privacy, your NRIC No., full name and unit number will not be disclosed.

Who may rent your whole unit or room?

You may rent to all Singaporean, Malaysian passport holders or valid work pass holders. For other nationalities, you can check to confirm the block’s eligibility.

How do you edit your Listing?

Tap on the “Profile” and click on your listings at the top of your page to edit.

Step 2

Chat with Interested Tenants

Tenants who are interested in your listing will contact and make appointments with you through Ohmyhome’s In-App Chat.

Know your potential tenants

  • What is their budget?
  • What is their nationality?
  • Are they foreigners with a valid work pass or multiple-journey visa to stay in Singapore?

Schedule viewings

Encourage interested Tenants to schedule appointments via Ohmyhome’s In-App Chat to view your home.

Disclosing information

Inform Tenants of your flat’s unit number if you are comfortable arranging a viewing with them.

Step 3

Getting Ready for a Viewing

Below are a few simple tips to make your home welcoming and attractive.

Ask for company

For safety reasons, it is advisable to have someone with you when conducting a viewing.

Before the viewing

Either you or the tenant may reconfirm the viewing schedule the day before. You may contact the tenant and send a message like this; “Hi, see you tomorrow at 7 pm in my flat at Block 671B Unit #04-06 Serangoon Road for the viewing. Please confirm that you are coming. Thank you.”

  • Declutter your flat, for everyone loves a clean and neat house.
  • Store away valuables such as your wallet, watches and jewellery safely.

Disclosing information

Do not let your tenant wait, be prepared to show off your home.

  • Cool your home with an electric fan or aircon. Open all the windows for better ventilation and to create a comfortable environment.
  • Ensure there is enough lighting so that the buyer can see the beauty of the unit.
  • Walk your potential tenants to all the rooms in your flat or the specific room for rent, instead of asking them to explore freely.

Step 4

Prepare for Negotiation and Offer

Here are a few simple tips and reminders you need to keep in mind when negotiating the price for your flat.

Understanding surrounding rental prices

Check on Ohmyhome app to see the rental offers around you to understand what your potential Tenants are comparing your unit against. You can also check last year’s market rental rates.

Tenancy agreement

Have a tenancy agreement ready to avoid delays to the rental process. Please note that Tenants are required to sign a valid contract of at least 6 months.

Allow room for negotiation

Your potential tenants may want to negotiate with you on rental price or on items that they need you to include into the rent.

Some considerations

Consider the type of tenants, length of stay, move in date and decide if the requests are reasonable or you can counter their offers as well.

Seek approval from HDB

For whole flat units, prior approval from HDB is required. You can apply through the HDB Website or in person at any HDB branch office. Notify HDB within 7 days of the commencement date of flat letting. From 1 May 2018, all flat owners will be required to seek HDB’s approval before the commencement of the tenancy.

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