Why Ohmyhome? An Agent’s Journey of Self-discovery and Discipline

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Why Ohmyhome? An Agent’s Journey of Self-discovery and Discipline


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Updated: 8 Mar 2019

We had the chance to interview one of Ohmyhome’s Senior Real Estate Consultant Clarence Liang, who transacted 70 homes in the last 12 months! Clarence, who graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Mass Communications shared with us a few insights on why he joined Ohmyhome as a Full-Time Salesperson.

When did you join Ohmyhome and why?

I joined Ohmyhome in 2017 because I liked Ohmyhome’s business model. It was a push and pull situation. The pull was that Ohmyhome is a property technology based agency, coupled with a fresh vision and disruptive business model. It is very interesting how Ohmyhome operates.

The biggest challenge as a freelance salesperson was to prospect for new clients. As a freelance salesperson in my previous agency, there was no security. That was the push.
With Ohmyhome, I can focus on assisting my clients in selling their properties because unlimited leads are provided by the company.

When did you start in the real estate industry and what made you stay?

I have been in the real estate business since 2006.

I wanted to be an advertising person, that’s why I took up Mass Communication. I realized, being a real estate salesperson, I can still execute the knowledge that I obtained from my academics, I am well rounded from marketing to selling and even after sales. Being part of another person’s journey to achieving their objectives in property matters gives me the satisfaction I could not find anywhere else, hence, I stayed.

What’s your fastest speed of sale? How many transactions in did you complete in total?

The fastest was on the first viewing, on the first day of the advertisement. I had closed more than 70 HDB transactions with Ohmyhome in 2018.

What made you stay in Ohmyhome?

I stayed in Ohmyhome for four reasons:

1. Growth and opportunities

I see more potential for personal growth in Ohmyhome. There are also new opportunities because I can share my skills and expertise to the newcomers.

2. Focus and discipline

For 2 years with Ohmyhome, I realised that I prefer being a full time salesperson than a freelancer. I am more focused on what I do best and I feel that I am more disciplined.

3. The sense of accomplishment

I feel a genuine sense of accomplishment, I have served more clients and have transacted more properties than I had used to before I joined Ohmyhome.

4. Self-discovery

I exceeded my personal best at Ohmyhome in terms of the number of completed transactions compared with my past years. It is beyond what I ever thought I am capable of. I think that’s a good self- discovery, that if you really put your heart into something, you can surpass even your own expectations. I see myself as a different person than I was 2 years ago.

5. Security and Teamwork

Aside from the security that a monthly salary gives, I feel secure having a team than working all by myself. Ohmyhome working culture is reassuring, it is a family-like environment where you know that somebody else is looking after your best interests, and upholding what is helpful for the clients.

What do you want to tell the salespersons planning to join Ohmyhome?

Join us now, the potential is limitless.

Call us now at 6886 9009 to learn more.

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