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What To Expect From our Condo Seller Agents?

Maelyn Lagman

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Imagine selling a private property without a real estate agent’s help, going through the financial calculations, documentation process, and more. You might find it to be more complicated than what you might have initially imagined.

And though there is an abundance of resources online that teaches you how to sell your condo on your own, what to look out for, or which portal is the best for property listings, many will still choose to have the professional advice and guidance of an experienced real estate professional.

A real estate agent, with his or her experience and expertise, can guide you through every critical step and ensure nothing has been overlooked or done wrongly. And the right one will keep your best interests in mind; one who is more concerned with fulfilling your property goals and needs, and less on getting their commission. It could also mean no shady tricks or unnecessary surprises, like paying for hidden costs.

Ohmyhome has achieved an incredible feat in building a team of top-performing real estate agents who are successful in sales and provide a one-stop shop experience throughout the whole property transaction process.

According to CEA, Ohmyhome Super Agents were among Singapore’s Top 1% property agents. With their record-breaking closing speed and high level of professionalism, numerous clients have walked away satisfied with their Ohmyohme experience-a common thread among our 4,000 and more online reviews that attest to our agents’ high level of credibility, reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

How did they do it?

Personalised solutions for your condo resale transaction

As full-time employees of Ohmyhome, our Super Agents have access to innovative PropTech solutions and a database of over 175,000 property transactors. That, combined with their excellent teamwork with our customer service, technical support, and marketing teams, allows them to focus on one goal: sell fast and at the best price.

At Ohmyhome, you’ll find an affordable range of services that will cover you at every stage of your property journey: From mortgage, legal, and documentation, to painting, handyman works, aircon servicing, moving, as well as other services that could enhance the selling of your home.

But what else can you expect when you engage an Ohmyhome agent to sell your condo?

1. Match with a location-focused agent specialising in selling private properties

Once you indicate an interest in engaging our Condo Seller Agent Service, either by calling our hotline or filling up our online form, we will match you with a Super Agent specialising in selling private properties and in the area that you’re selling.

Whether it’s North, North-East, East, West, or Central, our location-focused agents can help you discern the right moves to make in your selling transaction.

2. Consultation with homeowner/s and photo-taking of your property

When your appointed Ohmyhome Super Agent meets with you at home, they will:

  • Get to know more about you
  • Learn why you want to sell your condo
  • Understand your financials
  • Figure out the best timeline planning

They will also be presenting you with an in-depth Ohmyhome e-Valuation report for your property, with our in-house tech team’s help, to better understand how to position your home and bring the best selling opportunities for you.

Ohmyhome Super Agents can help you sell your condo fast, and at the best price.

With that done, Ohmyhome agents will help you market your home by taking professional, high-resolution photos of your home and posting that with your listing on the Ohmyhome app and other property portals.

3. Market research on your condo’s estimated valuation

Knowing your condo’s estimated valuation is an integral part of the sales transaction, as it is crucial in setting your selling price and negotiating that with the buyer later on. (Pro tip: A valuation is how much your property is worth.)

Ohmyhome has an in-app Valuation Calculator that will give you an unbiased assessment of what your home might be worth in today’s market, once you’ve entered the necessary information of your condo apartment. You can bring this up to your Super Agent during the consultation and get their expert insights on the property market’s actual state and your home valuation.

4. Financial calculation and timeline planning

Financial calculation and timeline planning are critical steps when selling your home, which means you’ll need all the help you can get from an expert. Our Ohmyhome Super Agents will guide you through calculating the following costs:

  • Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD)
  • Legal fees
  • Agent’s commission

At Ohmyhome, you will only need to pay the agent’s commission after your private property’s successful transaction. However, if it hasn’t been sold within our usual three-month exclusivity period, you will not have to pay for the services rendered.

Moreover, our agents will highlight the timeline of your entire condo selling journey for you to know what to expect and what to do at any point in time. This, of course, includes knowing when you should start moving after the sale, and when the buyers can move in.

5. Guaranteed aggressive advertising

Our seasoned marketing team, comprised of professional digital marketers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers and editors, are activated at this stage. They will be in charge of advertising your home, not your agent, through laser-focused digital marketing strategies that directly drive your advertisements to target buyers. (Ohmyhome will bear all marketing and advertising costs incurred int he marketing campaignn.)

Get personalised tips from Ohmyhome Super Agents on how to stage your home well to attract the right buyers.

In response to the tightening of the Singapore government’s safety measures, Ohmyhome also introduced virtual home tours on its website and portal, for remote viewings to continue without a hitch. You’ll find that this feature is useful throughout the year, with or without the pandemic, as it elevates your listing by allowing potential buyers to view your property dynamically.

6. 2X Database Matching of Potential Buyers & Arrange Viewings

The next stage highlights a unique factor that only Ohmyhome can guarantee: We will search our database of more than 375,000 genuine users to match you with a buyer.

Our large database helps us understand what a buyer is looking for, so we can automate our AI-powered tech to sync a seller’s needs with a buyer’s and connect them with each other.

Once that’s done, we’ll compile a list of potential buyers for you, and start arranging and conducting viewings of your home with your approval.

7. Negotiate Price and Conditions of Sale

You can also expect your Ohmyhome agent to assist you in negotiating the selling price for your property. You might be too shy to negotiate your home sale prices and conditions, but you can trust that your agent won’t be.

As our agents are trained and experienced in navigating hard and awkward discussions about money, you won’t have to worry about getting lowballed. Negotiating the price and terms of a sale is the muscle they’ve mastered to flex in their career.

At this stage, you can expect them to close the deal-the exact reason you engaged them in the first place.

8. Issue Option To Purchase (OTP)

Once you’ve found the right buyer, it’s time for the next step: Issue the OTP, a legal agreement between sellers and buyers that contains the terms of the sale and purchase of your property, and secure the Option Fee, which is usually 1% of the purchase price.

With that done, all the seller needs to do is wait for the buyer to exercise the OTP (the deadline is typically 14 days) to enter into a contract of sale with you, the seller.

9. Dedicated Customer Support Team

Throughout the whole selling process, you will receive constant updates via your Ohmyhome WhatsApp group chat and email, as overseen by the Ohmyhome Customer Support team. They will be your main point of contact. Apart from your agent, you can ask them any pending questions you might have throughout your housing journey, even after the transaction.

Fulfill all your property needs with the help of our Ohmyhome condo seller agents

Enjoy our comprehensive set of services now! Contact us via any of the options below, or drop us a message on the chatbox at the right corner of your screen, if you want to sell your private property quickly, and at the best price.

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