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Most Interesting Person Now: Georgia Caney

Maelyn Lagman

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Georgia Caney


Instagram: @thevintagevision

YouTube: Georgia Caney

Blog: georgiacaney.com

Relocating to a new country is never easy but, after six years of living in Singapore, YouTuber Georgia Caney already identifies more as a Singaporean than a British citizen. 

She moved to the city-state in 2015 with her then-boyfriend, initially planning to move back to the U.K. after a few years to start a family. But sometime in 2020, when the pandemic derailed their plans, they tied the knot at the Bandstand in Singapore Botanic Gardens — an iconic landmark and popular spot for prenuptial/ wedding photoshoots.

Georgia has acclimated well to the Singapore culture since her arrival. For example, she started out with no comprehension of Singlish, the country’s colloquial language. But she now has multiple videos explaining the meaning and usage of the Singlish phrases she’s adopted and has collaborated with a number of Singaporean YouTubers (most notably Noah Yap from Ah Boys to Men) for challenge videos. 

She has also compiled all her favourite spots for eating, exploring, exercising (and more) in an ebook, ‘The ‘S’ Word’: An Authentic Guide to Singapore From An Inside-Outsider,’ which was released in 2019. It’s a must-have guide for expatriates and locals alike who want to have a taste of Georgia’s life in Singapore. 

The lifestyle-fashion-travel influencer has over 30,000 followers on Instagram and more than 118,000 YouTube subscribers, 70% of which comprises expats and locals alike. 

We caught up with Georgia recently about her life as a Youtuber, home updates and future plans. 

After six years of living in Singapore, YouTuber Georgia Caney already identifies more as a Singaporean than a British citizen. 

1. What’s your creative process like for your YouTube videos and Instagram posts?

Coming up with new ideas for content every week can be quite challenging, so I create a monthly content bank for new video concepts and ideas that I can slowly tick off throughout the month. Most ideas come to me when I’m showering, strangely! 

2. How do you dress up your home for your vlogs or Instagram photos? 

I went for a warm and cosy nordic theme in my apartment as I really enjoy the warm neutral colour palette, use of natural materials and rustic furniture, giving it a clean look. I furnished most rooms with cute decor and prints from ezbuy and Shoppee. 

I’m a big fan of the Swedish Hygge concept and love to use warm light (as opposed to white light) and candles to make the place feel homely! 

3. Can you share with us the demographics of your followers/subscribers? Do you think you have much influence over them? 

70% of my YouTube followers are based in Singapore, comprising both expats and Singaporeans. I think my local audience is definitely interested in seeing Singapore from a foreigner’s perspective and are always grateful when I show them new shops or places of interest to visit that they haven’t seen before.

I think it’s common for us to take what we have in our own country or right on our doorstep for granted, so if my sharing these places helps locals and expats to get out and explore more, then I feel very happy!

Goergia’s warm and cosy apartment follows a nordic theme, which uses a neutral palette, natural materials and rustic furniture for a clean look.

4. Why do you think your voice resonates with your audience?

Authenticity, light-heartedness and local recommendations. I think people just really enjoy me documenting daily life here in Singapore, and being myself! 

5. How was your very first house hunting experience in Singapore?

Not too challenging! I ended up flat-sharing in a condo apartment in Bukit Timah, near Holland Village. I felt like that neighbourhood was a good way to ease into Singapore, with lots of bars and restaurants at our doorstep.

I was previously living with housemates to save on rent costs, but after a few years doing that, I decided it was time to have my own space. Currently, I’m living in Newton which is nice and central and everything I need is easily accessible. 

6. What has changed about your view of Singapore and your life here from when you first arrived to now?

Covid-19 has been tough to ride out in Singapore because it’s such a tiny island and the travel ban has been difficult, what with not being able to see friends and family for almost two years. It’s made me realise how much I treasured being able to jet off to another country on the weekend and how small breaks are very much needed. 

I’m so made for hot weather.” Georgia said. ” I always said I was supposed to live in a hot climate with palm trees, and here we are!”

7. What do you like most about living in Singapore/Asia? Does it fit any of your aspirations when you were younger?

I always said I was supposed to live in a hot climate with palm trees, and here we are! I’m so made for hot weather. Winter just makes me feel depressed and sad.

Culture-wise, I’m so grateful that I’ve gotten to experience Asian culture and have adapted in so many ways. It truly gives you a new perspective on life. Not to mention, you realise that wearing shoes in the house is something you’ll never do ever again!

8. Do you see yourself planting roots in Singapore and making it your home base to the extent that you’ll buy a home here? Why or why not?

Unfortunately, I could never afford to buy a home here! When I eventually settle down, I think it will be most likely in the U.K. so that I’m closer to my family. 

9. On a scale of 1-10, rate yourself on how “Singaporean” you are after living here for 6 years. Why is it so?

Hmm, I’d say a 9! I always feel like I identify more with Singaporean culture now than British culture. It can be quite confusing because sometimes I feel like I don’t know where I really belong.

10. What does home mean to you?

I think home can be wherever you make it, as long as there is a feeling of belonging, and where the heart feels comfortable with all its surroundings. 

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