Here’s How You Can Save Up to $30,000 When Buying a Home

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Here’s How You Can Save Up to $30,000 When Buying a Home


Wondering how you can save more when buying a new home? Choose to live within 4 km from your parents or move in together with them, and you might just be eligible for the Proximity Housing Grant (PHG).

As a family-friendly country with pro-family measures, the Singapore government looks to provide support and encourage children to move closer or together with their parents. First set up in August 2015, the PHG encourages family support by helping to offset the cost of purchasing a resale flat for those moving in or closer to their parents or married children.

Save up to $30,000 with the Proximity Housing Grant


PHG awards families with a grant amount of $30,000 when buying a resale flat to live with their extended family, and $20,000 to live closer to their parents or married child.

On the other hand, singles are also eligible to receive the respective sums of $15,000 and $10,000 for living with or near their parents.

To check if the HDB resale flat you intend to buy is within 4 km of your parents’ or married child’s residential property they are currently residing in, you can use the Distance Enquiry for Proximity Housing Grant e-Service.

Best part is, the PHG is not restricted to first-home homebuyers, unlike most other grants! Once you are qualified and set to go, expect the grants to be credited into your CPF Ordinary Account, and then deducted to offset the purchase price of your new house.

How do you qualify for Proximity Housing Grant?

You will need to meet the following:

  • You must be a Singapore Citizen, or your family nucleus should consist of at least another Singapore Permanent Resident or a Singapore Citizen
  • Married couples must be aged 21 years or above, and singles must be aged 35 years or above if applying under other schemes like the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme
  • You must not have previously received the PHG
  • The lease on the flat that you are going to buy must be 30 years or more
  • Your parents who assisted you in qualifying for the PHG need to keep living together with you in the resale flat you intend to buy, or living in an HDB flat or a private property, which is within 4 km of the resale flat you intend to purchase
  • At least one of your parents assisting the grant applicant to qualify for the PHG must be a Singapore Permanent Resident
  • The private property must be owned by immediate family members including child or adopted child, siblings, parent(s) or parent(s)-in-law, if your parents or child does not own it

Need a professional to guide you in the next level of your home ownership journey? Our HDB Buyer Agent Service includes financial planning and exploring of housing grants suitable to your needs. Call us at 6886 9009 to find out more!

Source: HDB- Living With/ Near Parents or Child

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