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How Much More Can You Can Sell Your Home For

How Much More Can You Can Sell Your Home For

Maelyn Lagman

There’s no question that when you sell your home, one of the most important things you consider is, how much more can you sell it for. Let’s be honest, the cash proceeds you’ll receive is a great motivator for pushing through with the sale after reaching your 5-year MOP. Also, if you need to move urgently, it helps with financing the purchase of your next home.

But how much more can you realistically sell your home for?

It all starts with knowing the value of your home, and this is easy enough to do with your new digital property friend Homer AI.

Say Hi to Homer AI

Homer is your next-generation Home Ownership & e-Valuation Report AI tool built by Ohmyhome, trained to provide you with only the most crucial insights on your home, including your home valuation.

Here’s a quick snippet into the benefits of Homer AI in less than 60 seconds:

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Knowing your home valuation can give you a pretty good gauge of how much you can sell your home for, because it is an estimation of the worth of your property and is usually based on the past transactions of similar-sized units in your block or area.

The great thing about Homer AI is you can also check the transaction data of flats near you from the past 6 months. 

Homer will also tell you the lowest and highest transacted prices in your area. For example, as one of the few Ohmyhomies who live in the West, specifically Choa Chu Kang (please don’t look for me), this is the data I see on my dashboard when I connect my home to Homer AI:

If I were to sell my house today, I could set my selling price to around $500,000 — this is close to my home valuation and is within the range of the highest transacted price in my neighbourhood. 

Another thing I can do is scroll down to find the homes sold by Ohmyhome in the same area. As you can see from the screenshots below, Ohmyhome sells homes at higher-than-average market prices:

Sell your home for more

After doing my research, I could set up a meeting with a property agent from Ohmyhome and get their professional advice on setting my selling price and actually help me achieve it. Learn more on how to check past property transactions with Homer AI right here.

This is basically the story of one of our most recent clients, HDB sellers, whom I met just last week at HDB Hub after their resale completion. They told me that prior to meeting one of our Ohmyhome Super Agents and engaging our services, they had done their research and gotten a home valuation online and used the portal to look at past transactions in their area.

With Homer AI, you won’t have to do much searching. Just connect your home via Singpass and we’ll fetch all the HDB data for you, and arrange them in an easily-digestible format so you won’t have to fall through a rabbit hole of Google searches for the most important information about your home. 

Say “Hi!” to Homer AI or WhatsApp us if you have any further questions. 

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