Cluttered Corridors in Condo – Can a Professional MA Handle This Better?

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Cluttered Corridors in Condo – Can a Professional MA Handle This Better?


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Comparing the living conditions of condos and HDB flats is a common coffee conversation in Singapore. Typically, the consensus often leans towards categorising HDB resale flats as “lower class” in comparison to condos. It’s hardly surprising; this contentious debate has been around for a long time. However, what came as a surprise was that this direct comparison was emphasised overtly in a management notice of an attractively-priced condo in Prime District 10, within 1km of famous primary schools. A resident described it as being “done in poor taste”.

What are condo by-laws?

Each condo development has different sets of by-laws that govern the management of an estate. By-laws are essentially the means to regulate communal living within a strata-titled development, like condos, and aid in resolving issues that may arise. It is deemed necessary for the smooth functioning of day-to-day activities within the development to ensure that residents can live together peacefully.

What went wrong at D’Leedon?

At D’Leedon, one of the by-laws states that residents are not allowed to keep personal items such as bicycles, plants, or shoe racks in the corridor — one of the common areas in both HDB and condo developments that are maintained for fire and general safety of the residents.

Clutter in the corridors should not obstruct the walkway or fire exit and ideally wouldn’t result in encroachment onto your neighbour’s property. 

A notice comparing a cluttered HDB corridor and a clean corridor hallway

The notice at D’Leedon. | Image Source: Stomp

However, a search into the recent court cases of corridor clutter has shown that Condo residents have reacted strongly towards such violations of by-laws by bringing legal action to the High Court. After all, a home is one of the priciest assets for every family in Singapore. Cluttered corridors can become an unpleasant affair for all neighbours.

Unfortunately, the management of D’Leedon posted a notice that left a poor taste in the mouths of residents. It asked residents whether D’Leedon is a private condominium or a HDB, and compared two different photos of a cluttered HDB corridor and a clear condo walkway.

A resident from D’Leedon said it was being “done in poor taste”

“Why the need to reference HDB flats?” the resident posted online. “I didn’t appreciate the sweeping statement to get a point across. There are many HDB corridors which are neat, just as there are many private apartments which have untidy corridors.”

Indeed, issues within the development should be handled with delicacy and professionalism. However, it is also true that rules in condos are typically stricter, and enforced quicker, for several reasons: to create a harmonious living environment within the development, maintain the estate’s value, and comply with safety and insurance requirements. 

How your condo Managing Agent can enforce by-laws while keeping the peace

However, there are ways for condo management companies to enforce by-laws without disrupting the harmony of the community or harming the potential capital appreciation of D’Leedon. According to SquareFoot Research, the average indicative price of a unit at D’Leedon is $1.92k per square foot (PSF). In comparison, units in surrounding developments Leedon Green, 18 Leedon Residence, and Wilshire Residence have higher average indicative prices of $2.90k PSF, $2.78k PSF, and $2.72k PSF, respectively.

This speaks volumes of the important work Managing Agents have in the management of an estate — not just of the condo facilities, but also the harmony of the residents residing in the development and its growth potential. 

Ohmyhome Property Management is here to help you manage your estate with professionalism

At Ohmyhome Property Management, we believe that in our community, we live, love and learn together. Building a community within our estate where home follows us beyond the confines of our property allows us to extend our happiness beyond our walls. 

A digital ecosystem on the Simple app

At Ohmyhome Property Management, we have developed a centralised operation system to prevent such issues of miscommunication. This is to ensure that estate management issues are handled swiftly and with care, following the by-laws passed at the annual general meeting, and that all management communications are done in a neighbourly manner. 

We are also the first estate management company with a free mobile app so you can immediately call for a service request for handyman maintenance, facility breakdown, faulty lights, cleaning services, or security-related issues. There’s even a marketplace where you can post any furniture or items you no longer use or need up for sale, so your neighbours can take them off your hands. 

For the past 20 years, various estates in Buona Vista, Bedok, and Tiong Bahru have been enjoying fully digitalised estate management services by Ohmyhome Property Management. 

Our services also extend to a full calendar year of events that foster community engagement, helping you to establish connections with your neighbours and extend your social network within your estate; research points to the benefits of social connection in increased happiness, better health and longer life. 

So as we encourage one another to tidy up our corridors for our neighbours and fire safety, more importantly, let’s support our condo community in living well together.

We hope to be at your condo, serving you as your managing agent someday. Let us help you build a stronger community in your condo and manage your estate well. 

Looking for a better Condo Managing Agent? Speak to us today!

Ohmyhome Founders Rhonda and Race Wong with Kenneth Chong of Simply Sakal for the launch of Ohmyhome Property Management

Reach out to our Ohmyhome Property Management team here and we will gladly chat with you on how we can help you manage your condo while also building a stronger and more harmonious community.

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