7 Things You Need to Brew a Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home


Written by: Rita Magallona

A lot of people start the day with a cup of coffee, and for good reason. Not only does it give a welcome jolt of caffeine, but it’s also a feast for the senses. Nothing says “Good morning!” quite like the warmth and flavour of freshly made coffee.

7 Home Appliances to Brew a Perfect Cup of Coffee:

1. Smart Coffee Maker | $445

If you want to wake up to a heavenly aroma, this is the machine for you. This smart coffee maker even allows you to choose between bean-to-cup or filtered coffee. You can also select the strength, pre-heating time, and number of cups.


Best of all, you can connect this coffee maker to your Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home, ensuring a smooth integration with your smart home network.

2. Espresso Machine | $269

Looking for a fancier way to get your caffeine fix? Then an espresso machine would be a great addition to your home. Go minimalist with specialty espresso in tiny cups or big mugs. Or adjust the settings to make frothy cappuccino by mixing an optimal ratio of steam, air, and milk.


You don’t need to be a barista to do this!

3. Coffee Grinder | $82

Connoisseurs swear by newly ground coffee beans. They say that grinding the beans immediately before brewing yields a superior cup of joe. This coffee grinder has a selector for your desired fineness, suitable for a drip machine, French press, etc.


An automatic safety device shuts the grinding wheels if the ground coffee or the bean containers are removed.

4. Goose-Neck Electric Kettle | $95

If you prefer to use a pour-over coffee maker, invest in this curiously shaped kettle. There’s a reason for the long spout, as it would allow you to pour the water all over the ground coffee with deliberate evenness.


It even shuts off automatically as a safety feature.

5. Cold Brew Coffee Maker | $60

Cold brew coffee is increasingly becoming popular. Do you want less acidity without compromising on that caffeine kick? You will want to have this coffee maker in your home.


Cold brew coffee is great for busy mornings, since you can prepare everything the night before.

6. French Press | $33.90

Working in tandem with a kettle, the French press is easy to use and requires just 3 minutes of steeping time before you can enjoy your coffee. This method lets you savour the rich oils of your brew in just a few steps.


Plus, a French press is one of the easiest coffee devices to clean.

7. Pour-Over Coffee Maker | $55

Do you wish to get a bolder flavour with minimal residue? Take the time to use this pour-over coffee maker system, designed for those who want to add a level of craftsmanship that cannot be duplicated by machines.


Which is the best method to brew coffee? It depends on your taste. So, feel free to explore and choose the coffee brewing equipment that suits your preference and lifestyle.

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