5 Eco-Friendly Home Upgrades for Earth Day (and Every Day)

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5 Eco-Friendly Home Upgrades for Earth Day (and Every Day)


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Earth Day serves as a poignant reminder that every action we take has a ripple effect on our beloved planet. It’s the perfect time to take stock of our habits and make changes that not only benefit us but also Mother Nature. One impactful way to achieve this is by implementing eco-friendly upgrades in our homes. 

Get ready to embrace sustainability with these 5 eco-friendly home upgrades for Earth Day (and every day) that will help you shrink your carbon footprint and save money in the long haul.

#1: Install a smart air conditioning system

In Singapore’s hot and humid climate, installing a smart air conditioning (aircon) system can offer numerous benefits. A smart aircon system can help optimize your energy use by providing you with the ability to control it remotely. This means that you can turn your air conditioning unit on or off from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer. By being able to remotely control your aircon, you can ensure it’s not left running unnecessarily, which can help reduce your energy consumption and lower electricity bills.

A smart air conditioning system can also allow you to schedule when it turns on and off, ensuring that your home is at a comfortable temperature when you arrive and is not wasting energy when you’re not at home. This is particularly useful for those who work in the office or who frequently travel, as they can easily program the system to turn off during the day or when they’re away.

Finally, a smart aircon system can also monitor your usage, providing you with insights into how much energy you are consuming and where you can potentially make adjustments to reduce your consumption. This information can be particularly valuable for those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

#2: Switch to energy-efficient appliances

In Singapore, air-conditioning and refrigeration are two of the biggest energy consumers in homes. To reduce energy consumption and save money on electricity bills, it’s important to consider switching to energy-efficient aircon units and refrigerators. Energy-efficient aircon units are designed to consume less energy while still providing the same level of cooling, which can result in significant energy savings over time. Similarly, energy-efficient refrigerators use less energy to keep food and drinks cold, making them a smart investment for homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Additionally, using a front-loading washing machine instead of a top-loading one can save water and electricity. Front-loading washing machines use less water and electricity per cycle, resulting in lower water and electricity bills over time. This is both friendlier to the environment and your wallet. 

#3: Upgrade to LED lights

Another effective way to save energy and reduce electricity bills in Singapore is by switching to LED lighting. LED lights are highly energy-efficient, using up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting sources like incandescent bulbs and last longer too. This means LED lighting helps to reduce electricity bills, and also contributes to conserving energy and reducing the carbon footprint of households.

Additionally, LED lights are cooler than traditional lighting sources, which can be particularly beneficial in the hot and humid Singaporean climate. Traditional lighting sources like incandescent bulbs give off a lot of heat when in use, which can add to the already high temperatures in Singapore. LED lights, on the other hand, produce less heat, making them a more comfortable and practical lighting option for Singaporean households.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the availability of LED lighting options in Singapore. Homeowners can now easily find LED light bulbs and fixtures at hardware stores and online retailers, making the switch to energy-efficient lighting more accessible than ever before.

#4: Install low-flow toilets and showerheads 

Installing low-flow toilets and showerheads can be a cost-effective way to conserve water and reduce water bills. Low-flow toilets use significantly less water per flush than traditional toilets, which can save a considerable amount of water and money in the long run, given that toilet flushing accounts for a surprisingly substantial proportion of overall water usage. Moreover, low-flow toilets can work just as effectively as traditional toilets, so homeowners don’t have to compromise on performance.

Similarly, low-flow showerheads reduce the amount of water used during showering without affecting the quality of the shower experience. These eco-friendly fixtures can be an easy way to save water and reduce water bills. The average showerhead uses around 9 to 12 litres of water per minute, whereas low-flow showerheads use around 4 to 6 litres per minute. By reducing water usage during showering, low-flow showerheads not only save money but also help conserve water, an increasingly scarce resource.

In Singapore, the government has implemented various initiatives to encourage water conservation, including the mandatory installation of water-efficient fittings in new buildings. Moreover, homeowners can also receive rebates from PUB, the national water agency, for installing water-efficient fixtures such as low-flow toilets and showerheads.

#5: Use natural cleaning products 

We get it, sometimes the price tag may give you pause, especially when there are cheaper options on the shelf. But before you brush off natural cleaning products, let us make our case.

Natural cleaning products are formulated with non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients that are often sourced from renewable resources. Unlike their chemical-laden counterparts, these green products are free from synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, and other harmful substances that can pollute our environment. By choosing natural cleaning products, we can significantly reduce the amount of toxic chemicals released into our air, waterways, and soil, making a positive impact on our planet’s health.

But that’s not all. Did you know that traditional cleaning products can pose a risk to human health? Chemical cleaning products can cause skin and eye irritation, respiratory problems, and other health issues if used improperly. On the other hand, natural cleaning products are gentler and less likely to cause adverse reactions, making them a safer choice for both you and your family.

So, the next time you’re faced with a decision on which cleaning products to buy, consider the benefits of going green. Not only will you be doing your part for the environment, but you’ll also be taking care of your own health in the process. It’s a win-win situation that you simply can’t afford to ignore.

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