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3 Surprising Stay-at-Home Discoveries by Married Couples


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The COVID-19 pandemic has not only turned our lives upside down, but it has also brought changes to marriage. After weeks of constant company, spouses have discovered surprising things about each other – things that went unnoticed before stay-home measures were implemented.

For instance, a husband shared that during the circuit breaker period, his wife discovered that he was an amazing and tireless cook. t was a hidden skill, as the husband was usually out and about for meetings and client appointments.

How about you? What have you discovered about your spouse while staying home together 24/7?

3 Surprising Stay-at-Home Discoveries by Married Couples

1. Staying home triggers cleithrophobia

For this couple, the husband discovered that his wife can’t stand being indoors for longer periods of time. Unlike claustrophobia, cleithrophobia is triggered by actual confinement in a small space that has no obvious way out.

So if your spouse is cleithrophobic, like this man’s wife who fears being trapped or unable to leave home, you can apply this strategy.


2. Men without detailed lists are lost in supermarkets

While it may be a fact that 80% of grocery store purchases are rebuys, this may not hold true for men who were not responsible for buying the groceries before the pandemic. Some wives are creating lists with photos of the products they need, along with specific quantities or dimensions.

Confused (and clever!) husbands are also taking photos before buying anything in the market and sending them to their wives for confirmation.

Two-thirds of grocery-shopping decisions are made in the store. Which probably led to the next discovery: this man’s definition of grocery is Pringles and Oreos.


3. Marrying an astrophile

Because of the pandemic, one man discovered that he married an astrophile, or simply, lover of stars. Now, he knows that he needs to take his wife on a stargazing trip when it is safe! Be sure to plan ahead to ensure that it is free of moonlight and twilight.


Here are some of the best stargazing spots in Singapore:
*North- Yishun Dam at Yishun Avenue 1, Singapore 769130

  • East- Changi Point Boardwalk, 6 Changi Village Road, Singapore 509907
  • West- Lakeside Garden, Yuan Ching Road, Singapore
  • Northeast- Lorong Halus Bridge, Punggol, Singapore 823172
  • Central- Fort Canning Park Open Air Green
  • Central- Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
  • Central- Henderson Waves
  • Central- Marina Barrage

Working from home with your spouse? Here are loving ways to communicate with your spouse or creative ways to work from home together during the pandemic.

If you are not yet locked down with your partner, here are tips to keep the romance alive when you’re apart.

May your marriage become stronger after the unexpected discoveries that you have about your spouse. Keep your family safe during this period by boosting your body’s natural defences.

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