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In case you hadn’t heard, Quezon City is about to experience a massive transportation upgrade. The long-awaited North Triangle Common station connecting LRT1 (servicing Congressional to Baclaran) with MRT 3 (North Avenue to Baclaran) is fully underway. Set to be fully operational by 2025, the Grand Central will also link the MRT 7 system that traverses North Avenue to San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. It will also host the country’s first subway system. In that same year, a newly completed DMCI condominium will open its doors to help accommodate the influx of new residents in the area.

Quezon City Receives a Massive Transport Upgrade

By 2025, Quezon City’s North Triangle area will become a bustling hive of activity. Three major railways and a subway system will converge in a common station. This allows everyday Filipinos to travel to nearly anywhere in Metro Manila without fear of getting stuck in traffic. This also opens easy and faster travel from Metro Manila to outlying provinces (Cavite for LRT 1 and Bulacan for MRT 7). 

Of course, this transportation boom will open up the economy for the residents of Quezon City. Once the trains start to run, Metro Manila’s largest city will become an even more important hub for many decades to come. Workers will be able to get from one end of Metro Manila to another in just an hour or less. More importantly, they’ll have plenty of options to get there instead of just crowding one overloaded system.  

The Crestmont: A Strategically-located DMCI Condominium in QC

DMCI Homes’ The Crestmont will open its doors just in time for Quezon City’s anticipated Common Station. It’s a few meters away from both the MRT 3’s and the incoming Metro Subway’s Quezon Ave stations. Convenient access to the expanded railway system makes the area an attractive residential option. The Crestmont will also make a great residential address for workers and contractors with businesses elsewhere in Manila. Instead of traveling all over the metro by car or bus, they’ll just need to walk to the station. There, they can ride a train to anywhere in Metro Manila as well as select Cavite and Bulacan destinations.  

Why We Like It

If you think that the present North Triangle is already a bustling commercial complex, think again. The addition of a grand central station will push the area to dizzying heights. Daily passenger numbers to and from Quezon City will shoot to upwards of a million once all train systems start running simultaneously. In between trains, passengers will be treated to a plethora of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Nearby SM City North EDSA, Trinoma, Vertis, and Eton malls will stay busy catering to the needs of this new market. Investing in a nearby residential project at preselling prices sounds like a home run at this point. 

More importantly, the Crestmont isn’t just any development. It’s a DMCI condominium. This means that each wall, floor, and ceiling proudly carries the name of the country’s first quadruple-A developer. DMCI Homes prioritizes its homeowners’ wellness and safety above everything, so buyers and investors can remain confident that they will receive carefully planned and well-spaced structures.

The Crestmont will also feature a slew of amenities designed to maximize your time at home. A Sky Lounge and infinity pool at the top allow residents to step back from the busy workday. From the top, they can admire the bustling cityscape from a distance. The Crestmont will also include a lounge area, entertainment room, children’s pool and play area, open lawn, and picnic grove. Each one provides the much-needed common areas for neighbors and friends to commune. Parking should also be a no-brainer for would-be residents. The Crestmont is allocating seven basement parking levels to complement its 49 residential floors.  

Things to Consider

2025 is a key date to remember. Once the Common Station (or Grand Unified Central Station) opens, economic activity in the North Triangle will boom. Investing now in nearby property that capitalizes on the projected demand for housing should bring in maximum returns. After all, transient workers aren’t the only target renters here. The common station will employ plenty of professionals, consultants, and contractors. Having a readily available place to stay that’s minutes from their worksite would mean a lot to them. 

Homebuyers who plan to reside at The Crestmont should also take advantage of the current preselling rates. The Crestmont offers configurations of one, two, or three bedrooms. Prices start at PHP 6.35 million for a single-bedroom unit and PHP 9.54 million for a double-bedroom model. Meanwhile, the three-bedroom option starts at PHP 13.77 million. Expect prices to skyrocket once demand starts going up as well. With its excellent location and stellar developer reputation, The Crestmont is the DMCI condominium you should aspire for. 

Interested in knowing more about The Crestmont or other DMCI condominiums? Let Ohmyhome guide you on your journey. We have partnered with DMCI Homes and 200-plus local developers to provide our clients with 80,000 unit options from over 1,000 properties. Our inside track means easier access to the information you need, including special deals and attractive financing options. As the Philippines’ trusted property tech platform, we can help you locate your dream property – no matter the budget, location, or required amenities. For an even more personalized property hunting experience, download Ohmyhome’s iOS or Android applications and sign up for a free account today! You can also follow our  Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts for daily news and information, the latest promo announcements, and more. So sign up now and start your amazing real estate journey with us!

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