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Finding a brand-new condo in Makati isn’t a difficult task. Plenty of Makati properties are on the market today. However, finding the perfect unit that fits all of your requirements like price, location, and amenities can be more challenging. For working professionals and business operators, Makati is the quintessential working city. It’s home to the country’s oldest active and biggest financial districts today. What started out as a postwar master-planned community in the late 1940s became the de facto financial capital of the Philippines.

What Makes Makati Special?

As far as business districts go, Makati sets the standard. Many of the country’s oldest and most prominent companies planted their roots in Makati soil. This includes stalwarts such as Ayala Land, which ironically was a company founded by the original owners of the swampland that became the Makati central business district. Other local industry titans with prestigious Makati addresses include PLDT, Metro Pacific Investments, and GT Capital. Most major banks and multinational corporations also have an address in the city. Finally, BPOs thrive aplenty here as well. Whether you’re looking for jobs, contracts, or investments, you’ll find what you need in Makati. 

Thankfully, the city doesn’t operate with an “all work and no play” mentality. Major international hotels gladly welcome visitors from out of town and pamper them with Filipino hospitality. Meanwhile, the Glorietta commercial complex seems to take on a life of its own. From its origins as a park surrounded by shopping arcades in the 1970s, Glorietta is now a sprawling complex of retail activity complete with department stores, supermarkets, hotels, and a central activity center. In addition, Makati’s nightlife welcomes everybody from tired office workers, to bored expats to businesspeople in need of a break. Whether it’s beer, bands, ballrooms, or buddies, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to spend the night. 

Looking for a Condo in Makati Just Got More Interesting

For the Makati-based professional, having a home within the city can be a distinct advantage. For one, it saves a lot of time commuting. Considering the entire metropolis’ worsening traffic situation, having an abode that’s just a few minutes from work can be the ultimate game changer. In addition, living in a city where everything you need is within reach is lovely. More importantly, the availability of electricity, water, and internet utilities means a worry-free existence at home. 

Of course, proximity and convenience have a price. In the case of Makati, buying property can set you back by a couple of million pesos. Average land prices per square meter on Ayala Avenue are more than double the average in BGC. These rates will definitely squeeze out many faint-hearted property buyers. But if you know your real estate, you know they’re worth it down the line. 

Chino Roces: Makati Living At More Affordable Rates

Thankfully, there are other options available for those looking to secure a condo in Makati. While Ayala Avenue, Salcedo Village, and Legaspi Village properties have priced themselves out of the market, there are other equally desirable areas in development in Makati. Take Chino Roces Avenue for example. Despite its proximity to the central business district at 1.8 kilometers, Chino Roces doesn’t carry that debilitating price tag like its neighbors. In fact, Chino Roces holds more potential for investors due to its lower property prices per square meter. Considering that Philippine real estate prices rose 10.2% year-on-year during the first quarter of 2023, Chino Roces holds a lot of promise in the coming years.     

Already, developments are mushrooming left and right along Chino Roces Avenue. Among the many desirable projects scheduled for completion within a few years is DMCI Homes’ Fortis Residences.  

Fortis Residences: Your Ideal Condo in Makati 

Fortis Residences is a 36-story residential high-rise condominium from DMCI Homes. Scheduled for completion by 2027, homebuyers and investors should take a closer look at DMCI’s newest Makati-based masterpiece. 

Why We Like It

Fortis Residences isn’t just near the Makati Central Business District, its Chino Roces Avenue location means access to a direct gateway to neighboring Bonifacio Global City. A quick escape to South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), whether by regular route or via the elevated Skyway, is also easier for Fortis residents. This proximity to SLEX means that both the international airport and the outlying Bay Area are similarly a few minutes away. 

The signature DMCI design is also evident in the resort-inspired design for Fortis Residences. The company’s signature Lumiventt technology ensures that units and common areas get ample natural lighting and ventilation. Generous unit sizes ensure that residents won’t cry out for lack of space. For example, two-bedroom units range between 72.5 to 100 sqm. Meanwhile, three-bedroom models can go from 143.5 up to 152.5 sqm. For professionals and owners with growing families, they’ll be delighted to know Fortis can accommodate them over the years.

Things to Consider

At its pre-selling rates, Fortis Residences offers a sound opportunity for investors and homebuyers. A  two-bedroom unit measuring 90.95 sqm is currently selling for P21.665 million. Meanwhile, a three-bedroom setup measuring 152.45 sqm costs P33.04 million. With Makati real estate prices still going up over the years, expect your initial investment to pay off sooner rather than later. 

For those who enjoy amenities, Fortis offers more than your usual set. A viewing deck, a sky lounge, and a sky promenade offer an unprecedented view of the Makati skyline. A leisure pool and a companion kiddie pool await Fortis’ water-loving residents. Aside from a fitness gym for adults and a children’s playground for the kiddies, a basketball court is available to accommodate ballers of all ages. On top of all of that  are landscaped gardens and an entertainment room to provide residents with venues for non-stressful activities. 

Searching for the Ideal Condo in Makati such as Fortis Residences? Let Ohmyhome Do the Heavy Lifting!

Looking for the perfect home that fits your location, budget, and amenities requirements can be a handful. Jumping from one individual developer website to another can end up being stressful especially if they don’t have the information you need. Thankfully, there’s another way to search for the property of your dreams.   

Welcome to the modern way of house hunting. Ohmyhome Philippines is the country’s foremost property tech platform that lists over 80,000 units from over 1,000 Philippine properties. We partnered with over 200 of the country’s top developers to amass this formidable listing. Apart from property searching, our staff of real estate professionals can also help sell your existing properties to finance the new one you’re eyeing. We’ll also be happy to connect you with our partner banks so you can shop for the best financing options available out there.  

To receive an even more personalized experience, download and install Ohmyhome’s app, available on both iOS and Android. You can also subscribe and follow our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts for the latest news, promos, and announcements. So sign up now and enjoy a convenient, worry-free, and productive property journey!

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