M Arisa at Sentul: Smart Living for The Contemporary Family


Written By: Henny Maherah

M Arisa by Mah Sing is located in the newly revamped neighbourhood of Sentul, Kuala Lumpur. This sustainable development interweaves energy-efficient features into the urban architecture, bringing the tranquility of nature into your home. With optimistic prospects of the surrounding neighbourhood, M Arisa in Sentul is a home to look out for.

M Arisa at Sentul: Modern Living in the Heart of Kuala Lumpur

Smart Living For The Urban Family

With units ranging from a one-bedder to four-bedder apartments, M Arisa has a place for every family, regardless of size, to call home.


Unique to M Arisa is its energy-efficient features that are seamlessly integrated into the vicinity. A rain harvesting system supplements water usage of the development, placing less strain on water wastage. An urban farm is also available in the compound, providing opportunities for families to harvest their own edible plants.

With nature running seamlessly through the development, M Arisa specially curates not one, but three sky gardens. These sky gardens are easily accessible from all levels.

Low Density, High Vibrancy

While a wide variety and magnitude of units are available, this does not translate to an overwhelming volume of residents that could be a concern for certain families.

Over 50% of units are mostly built for single individuals and smaller families, effectively controlling the density of residents in the vicinity. Towering at 49 levels, M Arisa remains spacious and peaceful for families to roam around effortlessly.

Optimistic Investment Opportunity

With an affordable starting price from RM299,000, M Arisa is an ideal start for first-time buyers with plans to settle down. This would also be ideal for buyers seeking to rightsize in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

More importantly, promising developments in the Sentul district would definitely make it the up and coming neighbourhood to look out for, with M Arisa at the core of it all.


Future changes in Sentul includes the YTL Land’s Sentul Masterplan that plans to expand the neighbourhood into Sentul East and Sentul West, creating specialised spaces for the thriving arts and nature scene in Sentul.

Be one with nature without losing touch of the city! M Arisa provides the best of Kuala Lumpur all from the comforts of your home. Learn more about M Arisa and why it is the perfect home for you!

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