Why A Good Sales Agent Is A Gold Mine


As a homebuyer, you would spend months researching and your whole life savings buying the actual product itself – your dream home. If you are the one doing all the heavy footwork, where does the salesperson fit in this entire process? Are they really that important?

Extremely important, as a matter of fact. Today, we will explore why securing a good salesperson is akin to hitting a goldmine, and the value they bring above and beyond a normal salesperson would have.

Area Expert

A good salesperson will most likely be attached to a few certain key locations where he/she is most familiar with. They will have a great understanding of new property launches, the specific neighbourhoods, populations, rental data in that area, all in their heads.

This is extremely important for investors looking to buy a sub-sale property to rent and lease out. Attaching yourself with an area expert gives you a great overview of the expected rental amount that you will be collecting, what types of tenants you will be meeting, and how soon are you able to lease it out.

Important Note:

There are plenty of case studies where victims are being scammed out of their down payments and their personal information to unscrupulous sales agents.

Do make sure that your salesperson is registered under the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers (BOVEAP). All agents and negotiators come with a tag number, and be sure to cross-check their corresponding number and name using this government website.

Securing Tenants


Not only does a salesperson help you secure a property, but they also have the ability to help you secure tenants as well. When buying a development project, you will expect plenty of investors rushing to fix the defects, do renovation and lease out their units as soon as possible directly after construction is finished.

Being friendly with a salesperson will give you a significant edge in securing a tenant easier during this period of heavy competition, allowing you to set the rental benchmark for the entire project if it is done well.

Selling Property

If you do plan to sell your property in the short term, finding the right salesperson is crucial. A good salesperson will negotiate with the buyer to get you a good deal on your property. They will also handle the necessary paperwork that needs to be processed, all of which are cumbersome and time-consuming, while you are free to look for a new property to purchase and invest in.

Remember, while buying a property is an exciting journey, selling the property and liquifying your assets is what truly makes the payout worth it.

After Sales Service

After inking the Sales & Purchase Agreement, a less experienced salesperson would just leave it at that, and entrust the remaining followup to the lawyer in charge while your property is under construction. A seasoned salesperson, however, will follow up on the details on your behalf, checking up on the construction progress and offering their service to you if you wish to rent out your property.

The really experienced amongst them are attached to property developers directly and are able to offer some exclusive deals when your project is eventually fully constructed. Find these special deals exclusive to Ohmyhome, directly sourced from the property developers themselves!

If you are an investor looking to dabble in the property market for an extended period of time, it may be wise to think of a salesperson as a business partner rather than just another salesperson. If you establish a solid foundation with an experienced and professional salesperson, it could translate to double-digit extra profits that you never thought you’d ever had.

Did you know that Ohmyhome incorporates proprietary technology in our sales process? 80% of manual tasks that normal salesperson has to deal with, such as scheduling, advertising, sourcing leads, are automated and streamlined.

With that, Ohmyhome’s agents are able to spend more time focusing on what truly, matters – you, the customer. Engage a tech-powered Ohmyhome agent or call +6016-299 1366 today!

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