5 Ways to Childproof Your Home


Keeping your home safe and sound from any threat and hazard is one of the challenges especially for beginning families. While the dangers outside are bad, ranging from elemental to physical threats, the dangers inside your own home can be worse.

You would want a home environment where your children can play around and have fun in. But how can you actually get it done?

Childproofing your home

1. Attach Safety Latches to certain Furniture

These are one of the most used items when it comes to childproofing your home. While locking or keeping your drawers closed may be an ideal course of action, it isn’t always the most recommended one as drawers aren’t the only things that open.

With your drawers, refrigerator, toilet seats, and other small door-like objects, attaching safety latches to the knobs and fastening it to the side will ensure that no door left open will cause injury to your child.

2. Add Rubber Bumpers to the edges of Furnitures

Children run around when they play. When they become too rambunctious, there is a chance that they may hurt themselves while running around, especially a chance of bumping their heads onto the edges of your table, nightstand, and other four-legged furniture around the house.

Bumpers will not only enable them to keep playing, but it will also lessen the blow if your child bumps his head on the edge.

3. Conceal Electric Sockets

HDB Singapore Childproof Conceal Sockets

A child’s curiosity has a chance to take a drastic turn for the worst as they may stick their fingers into the plugs, increasing the risk of electrocution.

Preventing this is another easy step as many of these outlets come with covers to conceal them from bare skin. If yours doesn’t come with a cover, mark them with tape or any adhesive to prevent your children from poking anything inside the sockets.

4. Prevent the chances of Slipping

The best way to prevent your child from slipping is to make use of non-slip mats, especially within your bathroom.
It is also best to ensure that your child isn’t running around the house with their socks on. That way, you are assured that your child is safe to play around in your house.

5. Keep Glasses out of Children’s Reach

Glasses are potential safety hazards for your child due to its fragile nature and the disastrous consequences that may come with it.

Keep your glassware at high places so your child won’t be able to reach for it. Let your child use plastic tableware for them to use.

Glasses exist from windows, doors, and even cabinets that your child can bump into due to its transparency. Mark any glass furniture you may have with safety markings to make sure your child doesn’t run into them.

HDB Singapore Properly mark glass doors

Make sure you place the markings on eye-level with your child so they can instantly see it and, if you can, decorate the markings with imaginative designs to not only ensure your child’s safety, but entertainment as well.

When it comes to ensuring your child’s safety and security, it’s no easy task as it takes every drastic measure to do so. By securing your home starting from the inside, you are definitely ensuring the general welfare of your family.

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