Buying a home

Frequently Asked Questions

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Definitely. If you are home searching, expand a listing details page, tap on ‘Contact Owner’ to Chat with the owner.

Posting your property on Ohmyhome is completely free as we do not charge any listing fee.

A property cannot be posted multiple times under the same category e.g. for sale, for flat rental or for room rental.

Our algorithm sorts the listings based on users’ filters and not according to the time they wre listed. Therefore, there will not be a need for listings to be posted repeatedly.

Every listing will automatically expire in one month. You will receive a notification to choose to extend your listing or remove it. If your property is leased or sold before one month, we encourage you to update the status of your listing as well.

The chargeable services are agent services rendered by Ohmyhome’s in-house CEA licensed agents and our Partners. Learn more about our HDB Resale and Condo Agent Services and other essential home transaction services.

You can create an ‘Open House’ to bring more potential buyers to view your property at a date and time set up by you. Posting beautiful photos of your flat attracts buyers as well.