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Block 313B Sumang Link

5 Room

4 Room


Situated at Block 313B Sumang Link, Singapore 822313 this residence is part of the Punggol Parcvista development in District 19 with a lease year starting in 2014. The building, with a maximum height of 16 floors, encompasses a total of 89 dwelling units. The nearest MRT station, Nibong LRT Station, is 273 meters away, providing easy access to the Punggol LRT line.

Recent Property Price in Block 313B Sumang Link

Homes price range

Past 24 months

Room typeLowest soldHighest sold

5 Room


$4,866 psqm

Jul 2020


$7,589 psqm

Mar 2024

4 Room


$6,141 psqm

Aug 2023


$6,902 psqm

Jan 2024

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Property Transactions History in Block 313B Sumang Link

Recently sold homes

Past 24 months


Sold PriceSold MonthAddressAreaLevelRemaining Lease
Aug 2022
313b Sumang Link
11207 TO 0991 years
Sep 2022
313b Sumang Link
11207 TO 0991 years
Mar 2023
313b Sumang Link
11210 TO 1291 years
Apr 2023
313b Sumang Link
11204 TO 0691 years
Mar 2024
313b Sumang Link
11213 TO 1590 years
Source: HDB Website

Recently rented homes

Past 24 months


Rental PriceRental MonthAddressProperty Type
Sep 2023
313b Sumang Link
Source: HDB Website

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