Sell your HDB

Served by agents you can trust.

What's included

For your house

  • Guaranteed aggressive advertising
  • Market research on estimated valuation
  • Photo-taking of flat
  • Arrange viewings
  • Conduct final inspection of the flat

For you

  • Free consultation with a top property agent in Singapore
  • An assigned Relationship Manager for dedicated customer support
  • Financial calculation
  • Timeline planning
  • Database matching of potential buyers
  • Negotiate price and conditions of sale
  • Submission of HDB Resale application
  • Issue Option to Purchase (OTP)
  • Submit HDB resale application
  • Assist in completing Intent to Sell
  • Attend HDB completion appointment (Completion Date)

Instalment Payment plan

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Ohmyhome Instalment Payment Plan (IPP) allows you to engage an agent while paying the agent servicing fee in smaller amounts across six months. This is optional, and you may opt out of this payment scheme should you choose to pay the agent fees as a one-time payment.
You have up to six months from invoice issuance to complete your agent fees payment. If you’re selling your house, the invoice is issued upon the closed deal. If you’re buying a house, the invoice will be issued upon a successful purchase of a new home.
Your monthly payment is dependent on the value of the home you’re buying/selling. Please use the Agent Fee Calculator above to calculate an estimated payment breakdown.
This is a 6-month 0% interest instalment payment plan. Should there be a delay that extends beyond the six months, there will be a 2% interest incurred in subsequent months.
The IPP scheme is open to all buyers and sellers. You may speak to our relationship manager to enquire more about your eligibility and suitability for the IPP program.