Find out if your family is eligible for the Third Child Priority Scheme

Third Child Priority Scheme: Buy a Child-Friendly HDB Flat



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Each child is a gift, but the third one comes with an additional perk: the opportunity to apply for the Third Child Priority Scheme (TCPS). The TCPS is just one of several incentives given to parents in Singapore, especially those with multiple children.

What is the Third Child Priority Scheme?

The TCPS was introduced in 1987 in line with Singapore’s national population policy. Since then, the TCPS has gone through several revisions, with the present form dating from 1996. This scheme provides priority flat allocations to families with three or more children who wish to buy a larger HDB flat.

The TCPS allocates up to 5% of Build to Order/Sale of Balance (BTO/SBF) units in an HDB project for qualified families. What’s more, they will also be given priority for Design, Build, and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flats, depending on the actual TCPS allocation that the developer makes.

Are you and your family eligible for the TCPS?

Ready for your dream home that matches the growth of your family? Look at the eligibility questions below to see if your family qualifies for the TCPS:

1. Who should be Singapore Citizens (SCs)?

For starters, you and/or your spouse should be an SC. Your third child should also be an SC. Your other children may be either SCs or Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs) to qualify.

2. What if I’m divorced?

Only one of the spouses needs to be an SC to qualify for the TCPS. Therefore, if you are divorced or widowed, you need to be an SC to qualify. In addition, you must have legal custody, care, and control of all your children.

3. Is there a limit to the number of children per family?

As the name implies, you need to have at least three children to qualify for the TCPS. These can be biological offspring from a lawful marriage and/or legally adopted. There is no maximum limit on the number of children in the family. Please note that the third child should be born on or after the cut-off date on the HDB website.

4. How many chances do I have to be balloted?

There are two chances for you to be balloted. If you qualify, you will be included in the first ballot round, the one for the TCPS. If you were not balloted, your application will then be placed in a second ballot round, this time for the Public Scheme.

5. Should this be my first TCPS flat?

Because of past abuses, the scheme has been revised to be open only to first-time TCPS applicants. You can only avail of the TCPS once. You cannot avail of the TCPS again once you have acquired a flat through this scheme.

If you are one of the Singaporean families with three kids or more, congratulations! You have a better chance of finding your dream home with the TCPS.

What will you do with all that space? Check out these design tips for homes with young children.

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