Ohmyhome Presents the Largest Comic Strip in Singapore to Celebrate Singapore’s 52nd Birthday



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SINGAPORE, 3 August 2017 | In celebration of National Day, Ohmyhome officially revealed the first part of Singapore’s largest comic strip at Jurong East MRT Station today. The comic strip spans a total of 144 panels and it will cover every row of platform doors at Jurong East MRT Station and Bedok MRT Station.

Titled ‘Days of Our Lives’, the comic strip showcases a collection of twelve storylines, all inspired by the unique stories of real Ohmyhome’s users. From a young couple who married with the quintessentially Singaporean proposal ‘Want to BTO?’, to children moving closer to their old-aged parents to care for them. The first 96 panels are installed at Jurong East MRT Station until 16 August 2017. The other 48 panels will be at Bedok MRT Station from 10 August to 23 August 2017. This is the first time the real estate platform and CEA licensed real estate agency is producing such a large-scale print installation.

Ms Rhonda Wong, CEO and co-founder of Ohmyhome, and Ms Race Wong, COO and co-founder of Ohmyhome, share more about the special campaign, “At Ohmyhome, our users choose us to be a part of one of their most important journeys in their life – the purchase and sale of their beloved homes. What seems like a very transactional process on the surface, is actually filled with joyful and heart-warming stories beneath that are often unseen. Each time we step through the door into our clients’ homes, it is a brand new feeling, and each household has its own unique story,”

The founders add, “National Day has a very special place in our hearts. As the nation rallies together as one, we all reminisce about our days growing up, watch the breath-taking National Day fireworks together with our family. With Singapore’s 52nd birthday this month, our team came up with the idea to commemorate all the family stories from Ohmyhome users into Singapore’s largest comic strip. We wanted to tell these unique family stories in a light-hearted manner, to bring an element of fun and nostalgia to commuters when they are travelling to and from work. With the enormous comic strip, no matter which platform screen door a commuter stands at, they will always be reading something new. At the end of the day, we are immensely grateful to our Ohmyhome community and we hope that we can celebrate their stories together with the rest of Singapore.”

Ohmyhome will be spreading the festive cheer on Facebook as well. Ohmyhome will post a question onto their Facebook page, whereby the answer can only be found at a particular panel. The first person to comment on the Facebook post with a selfie with the correct panel will win S$100; two other people will be selected based on the creativity of their answers and they will win S$100 each as well. On 23 August 2017, Ohmyhome will give out the grand cash prize of S$1,000 to one lucky winner.

To participate in the contest, follow the steps below:

  1. Like Ohmyhome Facebook Page (@ohmyhomesg)
  2. Take a photo with the panel which has the answer on it and post it in the comment below.
  3. First person to post the correct answer will win S$100 cash
  4. Two other winners will be chosen, based on the creativity of their answer, to win S$100 cash each

This is the first question released on Ohmyhome’s Facebook page this morning, “Take a picture with Panel 10 and tell us, what is Ohmyhome?”

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