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Ohmyhome is the First Property Marketplace with End-to-End Home Transaction Solutions


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Published: 8 Nov 2018 in High Net Worth

Leading proptech marketplace Ohmyhome’s latest ‘Services’ section will provide essential home transaction services for homeowners and buyers-all under one roof.

Ohmyhome has partnered local major banks and other service partners to provide a whole suite of services and digital tools to its expanding user base which currently stands at more than 52,000 users and counting. With this brand new addition, Ohmyhome is the first property marketplace to offer end-to-end home transaction solutions.

Typically, home owners and buyers need to go out of their way to seek additional services to complete their transaction, such as hunting for the best bank loan and the right lawyers to handle the transaction, which can be time-consuming and tedious.

Ohmyhome addresses this by providing an efficient and simple one-stop solution where these home-related offerings are encompassed onto one platform. Within the app, partners’ services and prices are listed at a glance. This both enhances transparency and reduce miscommunication about costs between consumers and service providers.

The market for additional services (estimated to be more than S$200 billion) represent a major growth opportunity for Ohmyhome. Ohmyhome is now able to tap into this market by converging its partners’ services with Ohmyhome’s cutting-edge technology and creating a cohesive ecosystem within Ohmyhome.

In line with the rise of O2O (online-to-offline) platforms that converge new technologies and offline services, Ohmyhome provides digital marketing channels for its partners.

These specialised service providers that Ohmyhome has partnered include valuation portal UrbanZoom, law firm Dominion LLC, and home-staging company HyggeHomey. It is in the pipeline to introduce additional service providers such as smart home providers, renovation and telecommunication services, etc.

Rhonda Wong, co-founder and CEO, Ohmyhome, shared: “The suite of services marks a significant step forward in our growth plans to become a ‘one-stop shop’ for all home matters. In time to come, we will also add into the platform new services essential after a home purchase journey has been completed. For many home-buyers, landing the dream home is just the first step and the start of an exciting new journey. Not only will we simplify the housing transaction, we will also take care of what comes after. By partnering with Ohmyhome, our partners are provided with an additional avenue to market their services and reach new audiences quickly.”

Michael Cho, founder of UrbanZoom, shared: “We share the same vision as Ohmyhome, and that is to simplify and make transparent housing transactions. Together with Ohmyhome, we aim to bring valuable insights to home-owners and buyers looking for accurate current market indication.”

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