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New Mother and Blogger Mongchin Yeoh, a.k.a Mongabong, Trusts Ohmyhome To Plan For Her Next Property


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11 months ago, Mongchin Yeoh posted her extremely viral home tour video that was viewed 790,000 times! Many were blown away at the elegance and beauty of the space that looks more like a high-end condominium show flat than a typical HDB unit.

Mongchin, also known by her alias Mongabong is a lifestyle blogger and influencer who creates beauty related content but has recently been in the limelight because of her new home and is recently a new mother after giving birth late last year.

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A post shared by Mongchin Yeoh (@mongabong)

Documenting her journey towards motherhood, there definitely has been a lot of additional things she has to plan for and find a workaround. In a CNA interview she mentioned how she had to change her personal style since becoming pregnant.

In addition, another big future change she must plan for would be her housing journey. With her current space being a cozy 4-room HDB totaling 92 square meters, it would fit a married couple with one child.

However, if the #MNM (Mong & Matthias – her husband) family continues to add more family members, hire a helper, or hosts their guests, they would definitely need to start planning for a bigger space.

And this is why she says she is glad she was introduced to Ohmyhome.

“I’m looking for a process that is effective and efficient because I’m a first-time owner after all”


Appreciating how Ohmyhome has a team of in-house agents and professionals to give quality advice and help guide homeowners on the selling and buying process was top on the list of her requirements.

Furthermore, it was important to her that many others have equally benefited from and had a pleasant time going through the process of selling their home.

The notable customer reviews were also what made her choose Ohmyhome. Seeing the 8,000 5-star reviews across all channels further reassured her that she’s choosing the right team.

“It gives me a lot of confidence to know I’m working with the right people”


Finally, last but not least on her list (now that’s a tongue twister), selling her home at a good price. Mongchin recognizes that a line of ready buyers really helps drive up the price when looking to profit from the sale of your home.

More buyers = more offers = more profit

Touching on the MATCH technology proprietary to Ohmyhome, we’ve gathered a pool of 175,000 buyers just waiting to bid on the house that perfectly matches their requirements.

Mongchin Yeoh a.k.a Mongabong trusts Ohmyhome for her next property journey

“It’s an all-in-one platform that does everything for you, efficiently and effectively”

If you’re in a similar situation, needing any help or advice for your home, whether it’s buying, selling or renting, just click the icon on the bottom right hand corner of your screen to chat with us and we’ll be happy to assist you!

You can also contact us on Whatsapp, or fill in a callback form here. Our relationship managers will get in touch within 15 minutes if between 9am to 9pm.

We’d like to extend our thanks and well wishes to Mongchin and her family. We wish her a wonderful journey as a new mother and will be here to support her home needs along the way!

Thank you for your trust in us! Know that when it’s comes to your housing, we’ll always be by your side and on your side.

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Join our Telegram channel and follow our Facebook page for the latest property updates.

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