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Homer AI: The Super App Used By 18,000 Homeowners in Singapore

Maelyn Lagman

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The real estate industry is witnessing a seismic shift as technology reshapes how properties are managed, sold, and bought. Major industry players, including the Housing Development Board (HDB), are embracing these innovations. HDB’s recent update to their portal, which now allows sellers to list their properties for sale without an agent’s assistance, is a testament to this evolving landscape.

A person using a smartphone to access the Homer AI property app, displaying options for home valuation.

Ohmyhome has been at the forefront of this technological revolution since 2016, providing a free resale portal that has empowered countless homeowners to manage their real estate transactions independently. Continuing this trend of innovation, Ohmyhome is proud to introduce Homer AI, a groundbreaking tool designed to democratise property knowledge.

Homer AI is revolutionising the real estate industry as a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all home-related needs. Preferred by over 18,000 homeowners in Singapore, including 13,000 HDB owners, the Homer AI app has successfully connected homes worth a total of $16.82 billion. This includes $6.32 billion in private homes and $10.3 billion in HDB flats, making it a significant player in the Singapore real estate market.

By integrating data analysis and user-friendly interfaces, Homer AI ensures that you have all the tools necessary to buy, sell, or rent property with confidence and ease.

Here’s everything you can expect from Homer AI

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1. Accurate Home Valuation

Homer AI calculates your property’s value using a sophisticated AI model that considers key features of your home and the most recent transactions in the market. This includes data from major property portals and transactions in nearby areas, ensuring a robust and up-to-date valuation.

The image shows the Homer AI app screen for home valuation, displaying a property's value at $711,000, a 4.23% increase from the previous month. The app, powered by "HomerAI," provides options to buy, sell, or rent properties, with a navigation menu for additional services and information.

With an accurate estimation of your home’s worth, you can set the best selling price for your property listing — not too high or low, but a fair market value.

To compare it with other home valuation tools in the market, check out The Battle of Property Valuation Tools: Who’s the Most Accurate?

2. Comprehensive List of Property Transactions 

Homer AI offers a comprehensive breakdown of the property market through various lenses.

Screenshot of Homer AI app displaying active real estate listings for Marsiling Drive, including details such as listing price, price per square meter, and reposted date for May 2024.
Homer AI app interface showing a list of recently rented homes on Marsiling Drive, with each entry detailing the rental price, month rented, and the specific addresses, all rented in May 2024.
Homer AI app screen showing a list of homes recently sold on Marsiling Drive, providing sold prices, the month sold, and block numbers, with sales recorded in May 2024.

Sold Homes: Tracks homes sold in your area, providing a historical perspective on market trends.

Rented Homes: Offers insights into rental demand and rates.

Active Listings [App-only exclusive]: Gives real-time access to properties currently on the market.

This segmentation allows you to grasp market dynamics thoroughly, helping you to identify potential buying or selling opportunities. By looking at historical data, you get better insight into the current price trend of properties near you.

3. Bite-sized Property Insights

If you’re looking to get a quick update on the market, you can find property insights at a glance on Homer AI. You’ll be able to see the average price and total number of transactions per month, from the past six months, based on three different parameters: properties that are within 1km of your home; your cluster; and your block.

Screenshot of Homer AI app showing a sales summary for Geylang Heritage within 1km radius. It includes a graph depicting monthly sales price and total homes sold, with a notable increase to $2,291,074 at an average of $1,912 per square foot in July 2023.
Homer AI app display for Geylang Heritage, showing sales performance in your cluster. It features a graphical analysis of monthly sales prices and the number of homes sold, peaking at 14 homes in July 2023 with an average price of $2,101,000 at $1,852 per square foot.
Homer AI app interface for Geylang Heritage detailing sales data for your block. The graphic shows monthly sales trends with total homes sold peaking at 5 in April and average sales price reaching $2,121,000 at $1,752 per square foot in July 2023.

Monthly Average Price

Homer AI calculates the monthly average price of properties sold within your chosen area. This average is computed using the latest completed transactions, giving you a real-time snapshot of current market conditions.

This feature allows you to gauge the overall market trend in your immediate vicinity, your cluster, or your block. Whether you’re planning to buy, sell, or just keep informed, understanding the average price helps you benchmark your property’s value against current market conditions.

Monthly Homes Sold

Homer AI also tracks and reports the number of homes sold each month in the specified areas. This data is continuously updated, reflecting the most recent activity in the market.

Knowing how many properties are being sold gives you insight into market demand. High sales volumes might indicate a seller’s market, while lower numbers could signal a buyer’s advantage. This information is crucial for timing your market entry or exit.

Latest Sold Home

Homer AI highlights the details of the most recently sold property within the chosen parameters. This includes the sale price, property type, and exact location.

This feature keeps you up-to-date on the very latest transactions, providing a clear picture of what buyers are currently willing to pay for properties like yours. It’s particularly useful for sellers looking to set competitive prices.

Screenshot of Homer AI app showcasing sales data for Geylang Heritage. The screen displays the latest home sold in April 2024 for $1,590,000 at 1216 sqft on Level 13. It also shows the lowest and highest sold homes in February 2024, priced at $860,000 and $3,405,000 respectively.

Lowest and Highest Sold Prices

Homer AI identifies the properties with the lowest and highest sale prices over a given period within the selected area. This range is essential for understanding the spectrum of market values in your vicinity.

By seeing the extremes of what has been paid for properties nearby, you can better understand potential market highs and lows, aiding in setting realistic expectations for your property’s valuation or selling price.

4. Property Listings for Sale and Rent 

Homer AI app interface of HomerGPT displaying a property search tool. The user is selecting a 3-bedroom home in Tampines with a budget of $450,000 SGD. The screen also displays that 77 homes in Ang Mo Kio were sold at prices 15.16% above the average market price.
Homer AI app screen showing search results for 3-bedroom HDB flats in Tampines within a $450,000 SGD budget. It lists available properties and suggests further listings on external websites like PropertyGuru and EdgeProp.
Interface of the Homer AI app where a user is asking an agent about 3-bedroom HDBs in Tampines with a budget of around $450,000 SGD. The user has the option to specify details like proximity to good schools or moving timelines

Specify your preferences, such as property type (e.g., HDB, condo, landed), size, location, and budget. HomerGPT, our version of ChatGPT but for property (and better), then scans through available listings on property portals and presents you with options that match your criteria to save you time from manually searching through multiple portals.

5. Financial Calculators

Homer AI includes several financial calculators to assist in planning and decision-making.

Homer AI app's Cash Proceeds Calculator screen, displaying an intended selling price of $681,600.50 for a property at 279D Cho Kang Ave 2, with estimated deductions totaling $399,834.20, resulting in cash proceeds of $281,766.30.
Screenshot from the Homer AI app showing the Affordability Calculator, indicating a maximum price for private property of $450,000 with $21,000 in stamp duties for a single buyer who is a Singapore Citizen, aged 32 with no properties owned or outstanding home loans.

Cash Proceeds Calculator: Helps you estimate the net proceeds from selling your property.

Affordability Calculator: Calculates how much you can afford to spend on a new property based on your available cash, CPF funds, and potential loans.

Mortgage Calculator: Assists in determining your monthly payments and potential savings on various mortgage plans.

These tools empower you to manage your finances effectively, providing clear, concise, and customized financial analysis. They help eliminate guesswork and manual calculations, making financial planning more accessible and accurate.


Even before you list your property for sale, Homer AI can identify potential buyers interested in a property like yours. It uses data from user searches and preferences to match sellers with prospective buyers.

Homer AI app screen showing 16 potential buyers matched for a home in Woodlands, specifying interest in a 2-bedroom HDB with plans to move within the next 6 months.
Introduction screen in the Homer AI app highlighting the MATCH feature, which uses AI data-matching technology to connect homes with a buyer pool, promising faster sales and more offers.
Homer AI app screen detailing the benefits of the MATCH feature, showing 20 buyers are matched on average with listings and listing the support provided by a specialized team, including updated evaluations and marketing.

This preemptive matching process can significantly speed up the selling phase, as you have a ready list of interested buyers. It also offers insights into the current demand for properties like yours, helping you set competitive prices and timelines.

At Ohmyhome, our commitment to blending technology with real estate is not just about simplifying transactions—it’s about transforming them. It’s about ensuring that every homeowner has access to the same level of information and resources as the industry’s most knowledgeable insiders.

Therefore, each feature of Homer AI is designed to offer unparalleled convenience, accuracy, and insight into the property market. By providing free and easy access to new-gen property data and tools, Homer AI empowers homeowners to make informed decisions with confidence and ease. 

With Homer AI, Ohmyhome continues to lead the way, reaffirming our commitment to being the most trusted and comprehensive property solution for everyone by bringing speed, ease, and reliability to property-related services.

Download Homer AI today and experience a new standard in property technology

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