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3 Reasons You Can Enjoy Void Decks


HDB flats in Singapore have had one very consistent feature: void decks. It’s the empty space on the ground floor of each HDB block for home dwellers to use as a universally shared space for a multitude of purposes. It plays a vital role in keeping a vibrant community and shaping your youth.

1. It’s perfect for any occasion

HDB Void Decks are always ready for use. Regardless whether or not you need it for a quick, casual gathering or a full-blown party, all you need to do is book it for cheap and it’s ready to go!

It uses universal shared space that everyone could use. Since its inception, it has been a place where community members could meet up and catch up on each other’s lives.

HDB Void Decks Perfect for any occasion

2. It’s fit for everyone

For most of the young, it’s been a place to meet up and lepak. Children could also run around playing football or tag. There could also be those in their advanced years playing a round of chess on the tables.

It’s a place filled with activity and everyone’s memories – another reason why it’s such a beloved structure in every HDB neighbourhood.

3. It’s community-centric

People used to spend their days outdoors in the company of their neighbours, today, they are often shut-in in their homes. The mere existence of a void deck allows us an avenue to meet with others and have fun without the need for any kind of expensive tech.

HDB Void Deck Perfect for Everyone

Visit one close to you today and have a good time!

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