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How to Submit HDB Request for Value? Here’s A Full Guide

Maelyn Lagman

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While you can get a free home valuation for free from Homer AI, you will still need an official appraisal of the HDB resale flat you intend to buy from HDB’s panel of valuers. You can submit a Request for Value once you have received the Option to Purchase (OTP) from your sellers. Don’t worry, this is standard procedure and is generally painless. Follow along as we guide you through each step.

Here’s all you need to know about HDB Request for Value

An infographic of a step-by-step guide on how to buy and sell a HDB flat by Ohmyhome

What is HDB Request for Value?

The Request for Value will determine the flat’s value and form the basis for your CPF usage and/ or the reference for the housing loan amount from HDB or the bank. However, HDB’s acceptance of your Request for Value does not constitute approval for your HDB resale application. It will have to be obtained separately.

How to submit Request for Value?

  1. You must have received the OTP from the sellers
  2. Submit Request for Value on My Flat Dashboard by the next working day with a scanned copy of Page 1 of the OTP
  3. Pay processing fee of $120
  4. If a valuation of the flat is required, the appointed valuer will contact the seller for a flat inspection
  5. Within 10 days or so, HDB will email you once the outcome of your Request for Value is available on My Flat Dashboard

If you engaged a property agent from Ohmyhome, we will make the Request for Value on your behalf via the e-Resale or Estate Agent Toolkit.

Can you get a home valuation before receiving OTP?

As long as you have all the HDB resale flat details, you can get a free estimate home valuation from various AI tools by SRX, PropertyGuru, or EdgeProp at any time. However, we’ve proven that Homer AI is the most accurate. Not only that, with Homer AI, you can also find out your estimated cash proceeds and how much you can afford for your next home.

Homer-AI-Banner_650x380px-2048x1218 (1)

Do you need to submit Request for Value?

If you are using cash only (i.e., no CPF usage and no housing loan) to pay for your flat purchase, you do not need to submit a Request for Value.

Can you choose the valuer of the flat?

HDB has the sole discretion to decide whether a valuation of the flat is required to determine the value of the flat. If HDB requires a valuation of the flat, HDB will assign any of the private valuation firms on their Panel of Valuers to conduct the valuation.

By submitting the Request for Value, you are agreeing to accept HDB’s decision whether a valuation of the flat is required and the valuation (if any) conducted by HDB’s assigned valuer.

How is the HDB Seller involved in this process?

In granting the OTP, the HDB Seller agrees to the valuation of the flat, if required by HDB. The Seller, within 3 working days after the day of HDB’s notification of the assigned valuer, allows the assigned valuer to enter the flat at any time in the day to inspect the flat for the valuation.

Property agent speaking to a couple

Can you submit a Request for Value twice?

Once HDB has received the Request for Value, HDB will not accept another Request for Value for the same flat from the same buyer or different buyer until the OTP expires. HDB has the absolute discretion to determine when the next Request for Value may be submitted.

Can you use the value of the flat in another resale transaction?

The value of the flat you intend to buy only applies to the OTP granted to you for that specific resale HDB. It is not valid for any other resale application as each one requires its own Request for Value. The buyer of the flat — that’s you — as stated in the OTP, Request for Value and resale application must be the same.

What is the validity period of the value of the flat?

The value of the flat will remain valid for 3 months from the day it is made available in the HDB Resale Portal. If the buyer does not submit a resale application within the 3-month validity period, he will have to submit a new Request for Value. In this event, the housing loan amount to be granted by HDB or bank/financial institution and the use of CPF savings for the purchase of the flat will be based on the value of the flat determined via the new Request for Value.

If there is a valuation, HDB retains all rights to the valuation and any resulting valuation report.

Here’s a list of the documents and information you need to have when submitting a Request for Value to HDB:

  • Address of the flat
  • OTP Serial Number, Option Grant Date, Purchase Price, Option Fee
  • Scanned copy of page 1 of the OTP (Need to attach a scanned copy of page 1 of the OTP in the Request for Value. File attachment has to be lesser than 5.0 MB and in PDF, JPG, GIF, TIF or PNG file format). The filename must not exceed 90 characters.
  • Flat seller’s name, NRIC no., contact numbers and email address
  • All buyers’ names and NRIC no.
  • Contact details of 1 buyer
  • Requestor’s contact numbers and email address

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