5 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home During the Pandemic



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Written By: Rita Magallona

Wondering how to celebrate Mother’s Day during a pandemic? Our usual ways to express appreciation are all off-limits due to social distancing, from the traditional family dinner at mom’s favourite restaurant to a pampering session at a salon.

But with an extra dose of creativity and resourcefulness, we can still make mom feel loved. Check out these clever and sweet stay-home ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day at home.

4 Simple Ways Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home

1. Give her a chore-free day

Being a mother is a full-time occupation. And your mom has been a mother for almost all of your and your siblings’ lives. One of the best Mother’s Day gifts you can give her is a day off. Let her do what she wants to do instead of what she has to do. Do all of the chores for her instead. She will appreciate a day of not being a mom.

If you’re living away from your mother, you could keep her chores minimal through online celebrations. Bonus: since there will be no physical guests coming, no one has to clean up after.

2. Throw a virtual party with the whole family

Mother’s Day is a celebration of how special our moms are to our families. And what better way to celebrate than coming together and sharing a special meal? Cook her favourite dish and don’t stint on dessert. Make sure you take charge of cleaning up afterwards.

What if you’re living away from your mom? Delivery to the rescue! There are numerous restaurants still offering delivery services at this time. Then you and the family can have that special meal while interacting via online conference apps. This way, you could eat and talk while keeping a safe distance.

3. Set up a pampering session indoors

If you can’t treat her to a spa, then bring the spa to her. Put a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil into boiling water to make DIY facial steam. Give her a manicure and pedicure,, or just a simple back rub. If your mom is not living with you, have spa-day essentials shipped to her with instructions on how to use them.

4. Have a movie day

If your mom likes going to the movies, you could try to recreate the movie theatre experience. Set popcorn and whatever snacks and drinks she’d like on the coffee table. Dim the lights or pull down the blinds if you’re doing this in the daytime. Stream her favourite movie or a show she hasn’t seen yet that is of her preferred genre. Then spend the day watching and enjoying each other’s company.

5. Send a virtual gift

Who says gifts need to be tangible? If you have a talent for the performing arts, why not record yourself singing your mom’s favourite song? Better yet, record everyone in the family singing or dancing in tribute to Mom. You can also record a funny video, play an instrument, write and recite poetry, reenact a memorable moment… the possibilities are endless!

Still feel like something’s missing? Nothing can really substitute for your presence and warm hugs during this special day. But rest assured that your mother will always notice and be grateful that you exerted effort on her behalf.

For your peace of mind, here are some mental wellness tips to help you keep your cool, literally and figuratively. Remember, stay indoors, stay clean, and stay healthy!

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