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5 Steps on How to Market Your HDB Like a New Launch Condo


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It’s not uncommon in Singapore for new launch condo projects to get a lot of buyers’ attention on launch day. Buyers literally line up under the hot sun to view the units on offer, and they’re willing to go through the rigorous process of balloting and paying for the cash deposit right there on the spot to get their preferred unit. 

Now imagine if you experienced the same thing when selling your HDB. It’s not completely impossible because, while it may seem like the hot competition and even hotter sales typical of new launch condos is limited to that market only, we believe it all boils down to how the property is marketed. 

Buyers queueing outside a new launch condo showflat.

Your HDB flat can generate as much demand and hype as Lentor Modern or Sky Eden@Bedok, which recently sold 512 and 121 units respectively. We know this because we do it all the time. 

Here are 5 secret steps our Super Agents follow to market HDB flats like a new launch condo:

#1: Make the necessary improvements & touch-ups

Let’s assume you’ve done all the legwork already, such as getting your home valuation and determining a fair selling price for your HDB flat. What’s next?

You need pictures and/or videos of your home — good ones. We talk more about how to take the best listing photos here, and you can watch the video below for a step-by-step guide on creating a home tour: 

One thing you’ll notice in both videos is the state of the unit: it’s bright, it’s clean, and it’s devoid of personal paraphernalia. There are only 3 things you need to do well to achieve this: a fresh paint job, decluttering, and some thorough cleaning. 

A fresh coat of paint makes a room look as good as new, and it’s so much more inviting to enter a space that looks like it’s been taken care of. 

And when you declutter, you’re opening up the possibility for buyers to envision themselves living in that space. This is more than just hiding your kids’ toys in a cabinet. It means Marie Kondo-ing your home — anything that’s just gathering dust, you can donate or dispose of.

Speaking of gathering dust, make sure none is visible in your listing. (And especially during viewings.) So sweep your whole place, mop your floors, and if you need to grout your floors, spend time doing so. It may be back-breaking work, but the results more than make up for it. 

These small details shine through in listing photos/videos and serious buyers notice them. You’ll never know, it may be just the thing that convinces them to make an offer for your flat. 

#2: Be strategic about the details you provide for your unit

Every detail about your unit tells a story, and you should be able to talk about it in such a way that it makes it seem like a benefit. (It probably already is, you may just need some help in angling it in a better way.)

For example: unit facing. Let’s say the buyer loves the location of your HDB flat but your unit is west-facing, which means it gets quite hot in the afternoon. 

Have a west-facing unit? Talk about the views you get instead.

You can inform the buyer that the HDB block was built this way and that all units in the block face the same issue, BUT the unobstructed views make up for it. Or if you’re on a higher floor, you could also tell buyers that it’s quite windy, which balances out the heat. 

So don’t beat yourself up over the potential dealbreakers that your unit may have — because they don’t have to be a dealbreaker. There’s a silver lining to your unit that at least one buyer will be convinced by. 

#3: Pick 1 day for your open house or scheduled viewings

With some luck, your well-prepared listing should have gotten some good traction on our app. But let’s be honest: not all interested parties are feasible buyers. You’ll have to determine who’s right, who’s serious, and who is worth your time and consideration. This may take some experience; it’d really suck if you spent precious time preparing, and invited people to your open house only to have them come by to “see-see only”.  So you have to sift through the noise and filter out the right buyers.

We also suggest you pick ONE day for all your home viewings, instead of spreading it out over the week or multiple weekends. It’ll be easier on your schedule as well; you won’t have to prepare over and over again to host people. 

Buyers may be incentivised to make higher offers when they see other buyers queueing up to view your flat.

Scheduled slots for home viewings can also create a case of FOMO within the buyers who are coming and going as they will see other potential bidders also viewing your property, giving the impression that they have to outbid the rest to secure your HDB flat. So at the end of the day, you may have a bubbling pot of demand just ready to explode with offers higher than the flat valuation. 

This does take quite a bit of organising, though, and planning it can easily fall flat, especially if you’re unsure of the many careful steps required to pull this off. That’s why having our Super Agents do it for you will be much easier. They know how to stir interest within buyers and drive demand well.

#4: Talk about the Why, not just the What

On the same note, figure out what makes your unit unique and highlight it to buyers when presenting your home to them during a view.

For example, don’t just say that your unit has a rare layout. Tell buyers that the rare unit of your layout will give them more space for, let’s say, an open-concept home. Or if you’re staying in a corner unit, let them know that this actually gives them more privacy because there will be less unwanted foot traffic and there’s only 1 immediate neighbour (if any). 

Also, be enthusiastic when talking about your home. Don’t make room for boredom — and if it’s a couple that’s viewing the home, make sure one party doesn’t drift away to the bathroom while you’re still in the kitchen. Take control of the viewing and set the narrative early on by talking about the benefits, not just the features of your home.

Figure out what makes your unit unique and highlight it to buyers.

#5: Follow up — always

Right after the viewings, you should stay on the ball with the buyers. Follow up with them on their decision, if they would like to make an offer, and get some feedback on what they thought of your home and the viewing. Take the time to find out what viewers liked or disliked about the unit, and tweak your marketing accordingly. 

Within 2 days, you should have followed up and gotten in touch with these potential buyers, and make sure that all the questions they have are answered in a timely manner.

We’ll be honest. These 4 steps seem simple enough, right? But it takes some serious work. Ohmyhome agents manage to do this for our clients all the time, with 70% of our homes being sold above valuation. With their help, your home can be sold quickly and at an amazing price.  There’s a reason why our Super Agents are among the top 1% in Singapore. With amazing track records and tons of knowledge under their belts, you know you’ll be in good hands.  

So, there you have it. Selling your home at a great price doesn’t have to be so difficult after all. And if you let Ohmyhome help you, you can trust that your home will be marketed well and sold at the best price. (70% of our homes are sold above valuation.) With more than 8,000 happy customers served, we’ve garnered 4.9-star ratings on both Facebook and Google! 

You can contact us via our Live Chat, Whatsapp, or fill up this form to book a free consultation with our knowledgeable and experienced in-house agents who have a track record of transacting more than 70 homes every year.

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