ELITE Incentives

Achieve the ELITE lifestyle with multiple earning possibilities regardless of whether you’re referring a customer to buy a property or concluding the entire sale by yourself. Our platform and team is here to support you.

Direct Sale

A 3% incentive awaits every closed sale

Referral Incentive

Closed sales from referrals also earns you incentives

Team Incentive

Get incentivised when you and your referred members accumulate ₱ 10M worth of sales in a month, with at least ₱ 2M direct sales per member

Elite member benefits

Incentives, lifestyle marked with high-quality real estate knowledge, and more.

Incentive Structure Breakdown

Deal Stages


Lead from Referral Partner + OMH Sales Services end-to-end

Lead from Referral Partner + OMH Sales Services (Partial)

Lead from Broker

Lead from Sales Agent

Lead Generator

Earn from a referred client that you register onto the ELITE Network

Lead Registration

Enter accurate buyer information in the ELITE Portal with corresponding Customer Information Sheet signed by client


Create a group chat with the client and assigned agent c/o Relationship Managers

Valid Lead

Create a group chat with the client and assign buyer to the Ohmyhome agent c/o an Ohmyhome Relationship Manager or Broker Associate

Site Tripping

Accomplish a site tour with the client

Representation and Negotiation

Present properties, negotiate and recommend payment terms, holding and reserving the unit, with accurate Buyer Information Sheet and completely signed documents for submission to partner developers, closed the sale

Deal Closing

Able to make the client pay the reservation fee and submit all required documents for booking

Contract Preparation and Deal Support

Maintaining constant communication with the client to assure monthly payments are being made

Booked Sale Account

Accomplish a site tour with the client

Agent Service Review

Evaluation result from client and Ohmyhome Operations team with at least a passing mark of 4 and with zero complaints





The more milestones you achieve, the greater your rewards from partner brands

Each deal stage corresponds to a certain percentage of the incentive that you will receive as an ELITE member:

Frequently Asked Questions

Your general questions about ELITE Network, answered

Direct Sale – a member who closes a sale gets a maximum of 3% for every closed sale

Team Incentive – when a member and their other referred members reaches the Php10M accumulated team sales for the month, it entitles them to additional incentives. To qualify, each must have at least a Php2M worth of direct sales.

Refer and Earn – when the referral member is able to produce a sale, the member who referred them to the network will get an override incentive from that specific sale

The incentive structure is based on the tasks accomplished by a member in the course of the sales journey in a particular transaction. You may refer to the table of DEAL STAGES shown above (before the FAQs section).

Incentives payout will be on a quarterly basis.

An SMS and an e-mail will be sent to you every time a client completes a payment stage.

Payouts will be in the form of a check addressed to the member or via bank transfer. You may indicate your preference to the ELITE Network management via email.

You may get in touch with our Broker Associate through +63917 708 0307.

In a future version of the platform, you can check on the client’s transaction progress through the ELITE platform’s personal dashboard.

Once a payment stage has been completed, it will provide an indication that the incentive is ready to be released.

Licensed Brokers and Salesperson can earn up to a maximum of 3% incentive.

Referral Partners can earn up to a maximum of 2% incentive when a deal is closed by a Licensed Broker or Salesperson from ELITE Network that they are in partnership with.


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