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What is Ohmyhome Cashback

As the name implies, Cashback is the program where we refund a portion of the money you had paid to Ohmyhome for the purchase of your property.

The Cashback promotion begins on Sept 9, 2021. It will be applied to every property that you purchase through Ohmyhome from that date onwards.

Preselling and RFO properties listed on Ohmyhome are eligible for the Cashback program

Good news! You don’t have to submit any additional information because you’ve provided the documents when you reserved your property.

Due to our ability to negotiate favorable terms with developers and our efficiency of operations, Ohmyhome can pass back some cost savings to our customers in the form of Cashback. This creates a smarter community of property shoppers, where you can save more on your purchase!

To qualify, you must have purchased a property from Ohmyhome starting from September 9, 2021.


After 12 months of paying your monthly amortization for your down payment, you will get back 2% of the amount you have paid of your down payment – including the reservation fee.

Ohmyhome will send you email updates. Notifications via SMS/text, Viber, can also be sent to you based on your preference

You can cash out through the following means:

– Bank transfer

– Gcash

– Paymaya

Your Cashback amount will be available to you after 60 days upon verification of your statement of account. The developer has to verify that payment has been well received on their end in order for Ohmyhome to validate the payment.

While the early fulfillment of your down payment means meeting the Cashback requirements earlier than expected, your receipt of it will still be subject to the 60 day period following verification of your statement of account.

Cashback payment will be made out to the principal buyer indicated on the Buyer’s Information Sheet.  You can choose to nominate another person to receive the Cashback by 

i) filling up our letter of authorization

ii) a copy of your government ID and 

iii) producing a valid government ID of the receiver

A sales operator and an agent will be assigned to you for your purchase. Not only are they able to help you check on your Cashback status, but more importantly, they are also there to assist you with any inquiries until the completion of your purchased property.

Ohmyhome was started with one goal – to make housing transactions simple, efficient, and affordable. This comes with a firm belief that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, should have access to quality and reliable home transacting resources. Whether you are a homeowner, buyer, or tenant, we are here to serve your property needs.

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